The Benitatxell Music School incorporates a new learning system through a virtual panel

The Music School of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell is modernized. Through the Virtual Classroom didactic plan, the center has incorporated a new virtual panel to teach the subject of Musical Language in first and second grade of Elementary Music Teaching.

The screen has been installed last year, but it has been these first weeks of school when the children of the school have begun to familiarize themselves with this new system, which is an advance and provides facilities when it comes to teaching.

With the virtual panel, the traditional contents of the books are transferred to the board, and each student has a user with whom they can connect both during school hours and from home through digital formats (tablets, computers, etc.). Thus, all the educational material is concentrated on the same support, which also functions as a consultation tool.

It also not only represents an advance for students. Teachers have also seen increased facilities, especially when carrying out greater control and monitoring of students.

Another benefit of this initiative is the dynamism it brings to the classes. “The subject of musical language is, in general terms, the one that children like least because of its more theoretical nature. With the panel we are getting the most enjoyable and enjoyable lessons for the students ”, said the director of the School of Music, Toni Català.

For his part, the Councilor for Education, Jorge Pascual, highlighted the aspiration of the City Council to adapt to the constant changes that new technologies entail, “We live in a time when it is no longer worth staying behind. Increasingly the tools that facilitate our day to day and, in the educational field, are being implemented leading systems that in the not too distant future will mark a before and after in learning ”.

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