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The election of the Queen, ladies and presidents of the Quintà 2021, in pictures

03 October 2021 - 20: 00

La Quintà 2021, 'La desastrà', celebrated its long-awaited act of festive office election 2021. An act that symbolizes the start of what will be the year of its festivities. A first event that links with endless meetings to organize Les Fogueres de Sant Joan.

The Quintà of 2021, could not celebrate, when it should, this act due to the pandemic, but yesterday, its moment was special. Accompanied by family, friends and neighbors, the fifths of 2021 elected their Queen, ladies and presidents.

The 2020 regina, Marta Ortuño, was in charge of announcing the name of the queen of 2021: Nara Rodríguez will be the highest representative of the Quintà 2021. The ladies chosen were Andrea Ortuño and Aroa Sánchez and the presidents Jorge Serra and María Liehr.

During the event there was a fashion show by the young designer from Xàbia, Rubén Bisquert and the collaboration of the hairdresser Charlie & O and the makeup artist, María Sobrino.

The expected moment of the Quintà 2021 arrived in this way:

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