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The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, subsidizes the Llebeig Athletics Club and the Handbol Xàbia Club

August 02 from 2018 - 06: 58

The Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports has published in the Official Diari of the Generalitat Valenciana the granting of the aid for an amount of 300.000 euros for 251 entities that have participated with their teams in the category of initiation to the performance of the XXXVI Jocs Esportiusn in the 2017-2018 course. This amount supposes an increase of a 9% with respect to the announcement of the last course.

This aid has been granted to a total of 251 entities, among sports clubs, schools and town halls. Thus, Alicante has benefited 90 entities, 33 of Castellón and 128 of Valencia.

Of the 300.000 euros of this subsidy, 104.029 euros go to the province of Alicante, for the distribution in the province of Castellón they have 38.458 euros and, finally, 157.513 euros for the one in Valencia.

District entities with subsidy

Among the clubs and county entities that are going to receive a grant are:

Llebeig Athletics Club Xàbia $196

Club Handbol Xàbia $682

Club Athletics Diànium $606

Paidos Dénia CD $1.099

Dénia Basketball Club $3.866

Town hall Denia $472

The purpose of the subsidies is to encourage and support entities with teams participating in the XXXVI Jocs Esportius of the Valencian Community in sports with the level of initiation to performance: athletics, basketball, handball, swimming, rugby and volleyball, so that they can To finance the expenses derived from the participation fee, which include the expenses of registration, licenses and arbitration, as well as travel expenses. They have subsidized more than 50% of their participation fees in the comxicotetion.

In this call the aid has increased in 25.000 euros, which means an increase of 9% with respect to the 2017 call.

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