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The Colla Portitxol de Xàbia presents the story-disco 'El dolçainer del Portitxol' in concert on Thursday, June 16

Event Date: June 17th, 2022
Site: Church Square
Hours: 22h
Event finished

The Colla Portitxol de Xàbia presents in concert the story-disco "El dolçainer del Portitxol". Next Thursday, June 16, this show will premiere, which alternates the music of dolçaines and percussion with a story about the mythical origin of the Saint John.

This concert will feature the participation of more than 40 musicians, male and female dancers on stage, in addition to the special collaboration of Josep Nadal (singer of La Gossa Sorda), Pep Botifarra, Sandra Monfort, and Jonatan Penalba.

During the covid-19 pandemic, Hèctor Peropadre Martí, family and associatively linked to the Colla Portitxol, and performer related to more traditional music groups (such as those of Pep Botifarra and Jonatan Penalba) as well as others such as songwriters, rock and the electronics (Xavi Sarrià and Aspencat) began to compose a musical tale in the form of a suite, combining their own influences with the artistic legacy of the Colla Portitxol. Likewise, he is absolutely linked to the rural area of ​​Xabienca, next to the very touristic cove, given that in the recovery of its festivals the entity has played a leading role.

The result of two years of work is a story-disc that combines 17 pieces for dolçaines and percussion, performed by the Colla Portitxol, with a narration in the form of a story-written by the also xabienc Quico Miralles and the pegolí Josep Nadal and also narrated for the latter- that links the mythical past and the origins of the festival of Sant Joan in Xàbia -of a profane nature, full of magical rituals- with another epidemic of a century ago, that of the Spanish flu, as well as the learning of the dolçaina and the recovery of the festivities as a backdrop.

Presented as a book-disc and edited in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana, the disc "El Dolçainer del Portitxol" has had the participation of prominent figures of Valencian music. In addition to Josep Nadal himself as the narrator, Pep Gimeno Botifarra and Sandra Monfort act as protagonists and are accompanied by Xavi Sarrià, Feliu Ventura, Jonatan Penalba, Xiomara Abello, Flora Sempere (El Diluvi), Ivan Gosp and Kiko Tur, (Aspencat), among others.

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