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La Cala del Francés in Xàbia could have public access

04 September 2023 - 11: 58

A few weeks ago, the Socialist Party of Xàbia proposed to the government team to buy the Lambert Estate, located in the Portitxol area and just at the top of the French cove.

This motion was brought to the plenary session and was approved unanimously but with modifications. Apparently, and as reported by the mayoress of Xàbia, Rosa Cardona, the sale of the house is conditioned to the lifetime usufruct of the family. An issue that limits the municipal uses that can be given.

Likewise, the first mayor xabiera pointed out that the house is not included in the catalog of assets of local relevance "and it is located on protected non-developable land, so the owner can only reform or maintain, nothing more."

The mayoress maintained that what was possible, for the moment, would be to acquire the land that makes up the farm and give access to Cala del Francés, thus providing a public passage.

Faced with these issues, the municipal corporation agreed to start the procedures to study the possible acquisition of the land of the Domus Lambertina plot. An issue that will be debated in a Culture Council once all the reports are available.

  1. Snorkel says:

    Priority number 1. Fix the Arenal sewers. During the past season, sewage has been discharged. Yesterday I saw wipes and kk floating at the height of the Bambula. Are they no longer doing analyzes? I am 100% sure that the water quality is not "excellent."

    • Incarnation Sanchez says:

      Instead of buying, fix the sewage, Arenal Park and the treatment plant, so that for the second year we do not have nauseating odors and the beach is closed, sewage contamination

  2. Manual says:

    And put a cable car and if possible a road for the buses to go down.
    Always oblivious to reality.

  3. Erika says:

    I think that it is not a priority to make a public passage to the Frenchman's cove, or to buy that property or part of its land. There are many things to fix in Jávea, much more important than going down to a cove, and which are noticeably harming the majority of the inhabitants (sewerage, asphalt, outfall, treatment plant, public lighting, cleaning, containers without a pedal for opening , bus schedule, etc., etc.). Dedicate yourself to these topics, please, don't start looking like Chulvi...

  4. Luis says:

    That they set up a restaurant / picnic area, with good bathrooms and showers, along with rooms for changing, changing babies and people with special needs, services for bathers and in this way they put it to use.

  5. Yolanda says:

    How can you say that you want to buy some land, if you have the Arenal a disaster
    – First, fix the path or highway of the Canal de F, only cyclists, cars and pedestrians can pass. We are waiting "for your lordships to give us some wings to be able to go to our houses" because it is a dilemma without risking your life between potholes, without being sufficiently lit and traffic.
    We have been waiting for it to be fixed for many years and nothing, our money wasted on nonsense, and without a beach🥵

  6. Susana says:

    Better invest the money in solving, really, the sewage infrastructure of all of Jávea.
    I see stopping polluting the coast as a priority

    But nothing, you to yours.

    • Incarnation Sanchez says:

      Totally agree, arrangement of the Sewerage, the Arenal beach and the Treatment Plant. To go to the French beach, there is an authorization to go through the farm, I have passed without problem.

      • Man now says:

        Yes, there is an authorization. But, what happens when they close the gate that leads to the cove? And how many times have they tried to fence off access to a public cove? This has needed an urgent solution for years.

    • Carmen says:

      I totally agree also why buy land if the Arenal is destroyed the streets the paving painful and cleaning a pity full of dirt and smells of piss
      In addition, streets without public lighting for years, spend that money first to fix the Arenal and return it to what it was in its day. And of course in the sewage system and in having a clean beach that has once again been awarded a blue flag.
      It is clear that it does not matter to change the government, they are all the same, what a shame they give.