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Kika Mata: «we are working so that each quintà has its leading role; we don't leave anyone behind »

19 September 2021 - 07: 59

Xàbia is preparing to once again celebrate its Fogueres de Sant Joan festivities. The pandemic has not been able to with the illusion that supposes to be fifth and to live each one of its acts. The music, the joy and the good atmosphere that is experienced in each of its celebrations invite you to continue.

Two years have passed without being able to carry out Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, "but we do not leave anyone behind," commented the Councilor for Festivities, Kika Mata, to questions from this medium. For this, the council has been working for months to be able to host next year, in June 2022, the three fifths (2020, 2021 and 2022), which have not been able to celebrate their corresponding parties. With a total of 170 fifths, the celebration of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan in 2022 "will be special," says the mayor.

The purpose, both of the council and of the Festival Committee, is that each quintà has its leading role as if it were its year. "Although during the holidays there will be joint events, we are working so that each quintà has its moment," says Mata who adds that in view of the festivities, "each quintà will choose their name, they will have their own different t-shirt and clothing and we are working on the location of the house ".

Celebration of previous events

Nine months after the start of the festivities, all the preparations are underway. Last week, the 2020 Quintà, culminated its preparations with the presentation of the Quintà at the traditional Gala Dinner. Marta Ortuño, Queen of Fogueres, together with her ladies Laura Cardona and Blanca Amores, and Zara Sancho and Javier Gavilá, as presidents of the Quintà they enjoyed, along with their fifths, this long-awaited moment.

The next step is dated for next October 2, when the Election of Offices (Queen, ladies and presidents) of the Quintàs 2021 and 2022 in two different acts. In the afternoon it will be the time of the Quintà of 2021 and at night of that of 2022. And from there, everything will follow its usual course, "following the current sanitary measures at all times," the mayor reports.

Children and Youth Commission

The only change that is foreseen for Les Fogueres de Sant Joan 2022 with respect to the quintàs, is the children's and youth commission. The next parties will have the positions chosen for 2020. Ariadna Serrat, child queen elected in 2020 will be the one who represents the parties of 2022, along with her ladies, Olaya Parra and Edurne Mata.

In the Youth Commission the same situation occurs. Mar Rodríguez and Romeo Lara, elected presidents of 2020 will be the representatives of the group of young festeros this next 2022.


One of the biggest unknowns of the celebration is what the parties will be like. It all depends on how the health situation will evolve in the coming months. With the hope that the situation is as normalized as possible, taking into account that the vaccination has gone at a good pace, the Comissió de Festes de Les Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia has already begun to work on the organization and development of the programming .

The party councilor has clarified that "the organization of the mass events that she will take up later in order to determine a more specific protocol according to the point where the pandemic is found."

Kika Mata wanted to thank all the fifths, the effort and work they have done and their willingness to adapt to the circumstances, "every week we hold meetings and work together to follow a protocol to carry out acts as equal as possible for the three quintàs".

  1. Erika says:

    Pedro, Ignacio, Obaservador and Xavi, totally agree with your comments. Thank you all four.

  2. pedro says:

    What was said. In search of the vote. The rest does not matter.

  3. Ignacio says:

    The same people who go to the bottle are the same ones who participate in these parties. So what is the point of canceling them if they allow bottles? It is the same, one is sold as traditional festivals and the other arises spontaneously thanks to the passivity and permissiveness of the consistories and the parents of the young people. Happy Circus everyone! even if the bread is lacking.

  4. Observer says:

    That is the important thing, that no one is left without participating of our young people in the spree. As long as we keep this important group happy, we have secured a considerable percentage of votes in our bag.

    Other issues such as education, civics, respect, responsibility, ... this type of thing that today we unfortunately observe in our society due to its lack, we should take them more into account.

  5. Xavi says:

    At the bottom of the municipalities in income per capita and at the head of the most festive. The culture of the cateto permeates everything. A shame