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Júlia Badenes: «I look forward to the holidays to enjoy the proclamation and floats»

09 June 2019 - 07: 07

Júlia Badenes Catalá has a few hours to go before she is proclaimed Queen of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia 2019.

Júlia, who is 8 years old, is from the neighborhood of Duanes de la Mar and attends the second grade of primary school. She receives us at her home where she explains how she is living at this moment. The child protagonist, somewhat shy, but charming, shows us her dresses and tells us each of the details.

The infant queen of 2019 points out that she has two costumes, "I like both, but I love the gala, I can combine them", Júlia points out of her green skirt dress and golden bodice.

The little wait with nerves the act of proclamation, "I want to start the holidays, the day of the proclamation is one of the ones I like next to the floats. The proclamation to go on stage, the screen and my appointment and the last because it is very fun to throw sweets and be up in the float with my friends ".

From the moments lived until now, since last October was chosen by lot, Júlia keeps the friendship she has done with her ladies and with the Queen, Inés Doménech, "I have made new friends and I am very happy to share the year of my reign with Inés, whom I already knew."

The young xabiera, representative of the children's court of Fogueres 2019, invites all citizens to "Enjoy the holidays, go to all events and have a great time."

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