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Julià Álvaro, an environmental expert, addresses municipal solutions to climate change in a talk organized by Podem Xàbia

Event Date: May 05th 2023
Event type: Talk / conference
Site: Duanes de la Mar Library
Schedule: 18: 30
Home: Free
Event finished

Podem Xàbia has organized a talk to address the concern for climate change and the possible solutions that can be applied from the municipalities. The conference, titled Environment and ecological transition, what can be done from the municipality?, will be given by Julià Álvaro, an expert in the field and former regional secretary for the environment and climate change.

Among the concerns that will be addressed in the talk are fires, drought, desertification and energy poverty, as well as the role of photovoltaic industrial parks in power generation. In addition, solid waste recycling and its impact on the fight against climate change will be discussed.

The conference will take place next Friday, May 5 at 18:30 p.m. in the meeting room (2nd floor) of the Duanes de la Mar public library in Xàbia. Julià Álvaro, member of the Alianza Verde executive committee, will answer all the questions and doubts that arise during the talk.

  1. pep says:

    no need to discredit anyone. Podemos has a great team in this area and is willing
    to "do" whatever is necessary. will they let them?

  2. María says:

    If that's an expert I'm a racing car.

  3. Matilda says:

    Being in that association makes you an expert?