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Juan Cardona, elected president of the Municipalist Assembly Més-Compromís

January 31 from 2022 - 15: 22

This past Saturday, Valencian councilors, councillors, mayors and mayors from Més-Compromís gathered at the Xàtiva house of culture. On this occasion, the point of debate was a topical issue: energy. In this space to share ideas, promote projects and draw common lines, the compromis councilors opted for a necessary energy revolution in the municipalities of the Valencian Country, with the aim of achieving a greener, more sustainable future with self-sufficiency for the populations, as well as guarantee the right and access of all people to energy.

For this reason, projects from municipalities that already work with local energy communities were presented, an elaborate project for collecting information on the matter was presented, and tools were made available to all and all to initiate this transition towards an energy model far removed from the current one focused on the benefit of large macro-companies.

This assembly began with the election of the members of the table, in charge of directing the debate and guaranteeing its proper functioning. Six were the candidacies presented, 2 for each province and following criteria of parity representation. Javiense Juan Cardona obtained the absolute majority of the votes cast. Thus, the spokesperson for the Compromís per Xàbia group and member of the Marina Alta district executive assumes the presidency of the Més-Compromís assembly body.

Juan Cardona highlighted: "Receiving the support of so many male and female colleagues to represent the municipal assembly of Més-Compromís is a commitment that I accept with strength and decision" and adds that "this is a space for debate, cohesion and brotherhood, which must serve to build the Valencian Country that we want from each municipality. With organizations like this and with projects as ambitious as the one worked on in the first session, municipalist Valencianism becomes bigger".

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  1. pau says:

    Juan, vore if in Xàbia and from the opposition you press something, donate that your municipal action is very feble and silent.