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José Chulvi (PSOE): «I have the will to finish what we started. We began a transformation of Xàbia and it must be completed"

May 23 from 2023 - 09: 30

For 12 years, the socialist José Chulvi, is the Mayor of Xàbia and deputy in Les Corts Valencianes since 2019. During his career as mayor he has been present in every episode of the life of Xàbia, "both in good times and in bad times, and also always available for each neighbor of our town ".

For José Chulvi, the first obligation of a mayor is to know his town and put a face and a name to the concerns of his neighbors and from there, he will head the PSOE list again for the 2023 elections.

QUESTION: With this there are already four municipal elections that you lead, three of which as mayor of Xàbia. Why did you make the decision to repeat again and head the PSOE list?

ANSWER: I have the will to finish what we started. 12 years ago a profound transformation of Xàbia began, on the one hand in the forms and in the political environment that has led us to a time of stability and confidence in the key institutions to understand the good results of our people in employment, investment attraction and creation of new companies.

That is something we must fight to preserve. Just like the fact of having turned politics into something close, with a Town hall transparent and a mayor and councilors always available to their neighbors. And, above all, have made people the center of all policies. Today in Xàbia there is the certainty that the City Council is a close, efficient institution that puts all its resources at the service of the residents.

In addition, we started a series of improvements in infrastructure and equipment that have improved Xàbia and that still has to be completed. We are talking about the bus station, the municipal swimming pool, the reforms of Jaume I, Lepanto, Avenida de Ultramar, the Freginal ravine, the Xàtiva del Freginal square, the Comare Maruja Varó square, the wall of Calle Cervantes , the new parking lot at the entrance to Corona, a car-free Montañar, the new roof for the soccer field, asphalt plans, access to the coves, the new cleaning contract.

But there are still pending projects that are close to being carried out, such as the Freginal sports hall, the opening of Calle Génova, Casa Xolbi, the Auditorium or the interpretation center of the Cabo Sant Antoni Lighthouse or the Museu del Mediterrani. And we have the conviction and the will to move them forward.

Q: Next to you, there is a team. How do you describe the people who accompany you in the candidacy of the next 28M?

R: This is a team that has demonstrated its management capacity in very difficult times in the life of our municipality, such as the COVID pandemic or emergencies, in addition to the day-to-day demands of the City Hall. And together with this experience, we have added new profiles of people from Xàbia, men and women, who have shown great value and commitment in their professional fields and by getting involved in cultural life, festivals, education, work for equality or the conservation; but above all I would define them as bona gent, trustworthy, transparent, accessible people, who show their faces and are always there for those who need them, regardless of the circumstances and putting the general interest of Xàbia before any other consideration. People to whom I would leave the keys to my house without hesitation and capable of managing any project entrusted to them.

The residents of Xàbia know us, they know who we are, how we think and what they can expect from us. And that we are a transparent team, that you can touch it and it is exactly what it seems, without folds.

Q: During three legislatures at the head of the City Council, there are several actions that the Socialist Party has carried out for a better Xàbia, but if on May 28, the citizens revalidate your candidacy, what priority action would you put in place to Xàbia?

R: After this time, there are many projects underway, some of them close to completing their final phases, so choosing just one would be impossible since we did not start from scratch but rather have a long way of working.

Soon we will see the project of the Faro del Cap de Sant Antoni and the Freginal pavilion, we will continue to comply with the steps to approve the General Plan that protects 10 million m2 and we will give the green light to start work to open Calle Génova between Duanes and El Arenal, we will resume work on the Thiviers park and we will return to Auditorium procedures. And we will also get to work so that Xàbia has a Museu del Mediterrani in the Arenal next to the Canal de la Fontana and a new high-rise car park next to the fishermen's market.

In addition, of course, to one of our essential challenges of the legislature: launching the public housing park with the first 153 houses for social rent, of which 118 have already started the procedures.

As you can see, the work of all these years, non-stop, allows us to have not only a project, but also a comprehensive model of town very advanced.

Q: Housing is a current issue, the construction of 118 social rental homes has been confirmed, but what other proposals does the Socialist Party have in this area?

R: Access to housing is basic so that young people and families with fewer resources can continue living in Xàbia. For us, conserving the human capital of our people is something non-negotiable and we will not let a business model end a life model. If we lose our usual neighbors in exchange for a little more tourism and suffocate those who are looking for rentals to live, we will be wrong. For this reason, together with the Generalitat, we are committed to public housing and we are the third municipality, together with Valencia and Sagut, that has made the most land available for it.

But we are aware that this is not enough, so it is necessary to regulate tourist rentals, since it is the factor that puts pressure on prices. We will also give aid for rehabilitation and restoration, especially in BIC environments so that more houses can be made available to residents.

Q: The cultural offer is another strong point for which the PSOE has opted for Xàbia in recent years. The construction of the Auditorium is halfway through and at the expense of being able to continue the works, but what other cultural projects does your party have planned for the town?

R: The main cultural project must be the content, maintain and increase a programming that is excellent and that fills Xàbia the 52 weekends of the year, from Thursday to Sunday. In this time we have had not only great musical festivals such as Jazz, Folk, Swing or percussion, but also renowned exhibitions such as Balenciaga, state-wide initiatives such as linking Xàbia to the name of Sorolla, theater, literary festivals, cinema, photography, dance, archaeological exhibitions of great value, concerts... It is a program that can compete with that of larger cities with more resources.

But in terms of infrastructure, on the one hand there is the completion of the Auditorium -in which the courts have already ruled Xàbia right twice and we are convinced that this legislature will make it a reality- and on the other a project that seems especially relevant to us : the creation of the Museum of the Mediterranean, which will be installed on Avenida Augusta, next to the Canal de la Fontana to show our great marine wealth together with an open square that completes the complex.

Likewise, we want to open the Central Cinema for cultural associations and artistic groups and offer Casa Xolbi once it is rehabilitated to complete the offer.

Q: In these years of government, protecting public spaces has been a priority, what other proposals in terms of sustainability and taking care of Xàbia have you raised?

R: The most important and the basis of everything is the General Plan that has to protect 10 million m2 from construction and speculation. But we will also continue to protect access to coves and beaches, we will keep cars out of Montañar as up to now and we will redouble our efforts to guarantee good practices and respect for the natural environment at sea thanks to the field of anchoring buoys.

We also propose that public educational centers become sustainable and supportive energy communities, that are nourished by clean and renewable energy and thus be able to reduce the carbon footprint and save on the bill. Every euro that is not spent will be invested in social purposes.

And no less important, we have done important work in reducing water leaks in the network Amjasa And we are already preparing the closure of the purification cycle so that the water does not have to be discharged into the sea and can be reused for agricultural and garden irrigation.

Q: The sports facilities are another benchmark in Xàbia and also a subject of demand. In this legislature the pool has arrived, but what remains pending and what does the PSOE want to continue working on in this section?

R: In this regard, the most important projects are the new covered pavilion of the Freginal, measuring 4.500 m2, which is ready to be put out to tender once we have the entire project ready, and the remodeling of the Camp de les Mesquides in Duanes.

And in the near future we plan to create an athletics track in the sports development zone that will be created between the current soccer field and the Gorgos River.

Q: Can you summarize your electoral program in 5 key points?

  • Guarantee access to housing for young people and families with fewer resources
  • Protection of people through a network of aid when necessary, both for individuals and companies, in the same way that 23 million euros have been allocated in this section in this legislature.
  • Protection of the natural environment and the landscape, cultural and social values ​​of Xàbia.
  • Continue offering the political stability and confidence that has allowed Xàbia to lead the creation of employment in the region and in the Community as well as the creation of new companies and the attraction of investment.
  • Finish the works started and culminate with the new projects underway, a Xàbia of quality cultural and sports services and infrastructures.

Q: What message would you send to the citizens?

R: On May 28, Xàbia is playing to continue the path of stability, confidence and good management that has allowed us to improve all economic and welfare indicators compared to 2011.

Today, our team has more experience in management -especially in difficult situations- but also more strength and enthusiasm to carry out those projects that we have prepared to design the Xàbia of the present and the future.

It is a team and it has been a government that has always been, that the neighbors have seen it work, they have seen it in every episode of the life of Xàbia, the good and the adverse, on the street, in the office, on the phone ... who has always shown his face when something has not gone well, who does not pay, who seeks solutions and who knows and loves his people.

Our neighbors know us, they know what values ​​we have, how we think, what they can expect... and they know that we always make a positive policy, with realistic proposals, and that we do not evade the responsibility of governing an extraordinary town like Xàbia.

  1. July says:

    I don't ask for much: that they put sewerage for my house (and neighborhood) and light in the streets. I DON'T ASK FOR SO MUCH. What's more, I ask for the basics, what people have had in their homes and streets for a century.
    Whoever promises to do it wins my vote.

  2. erica says:

    Completely agree with the previous comments. Mr. Chulvi, you are an absolute disaster, Jávea is a shame, and you belong to a party that agrees with murderers so as not to lose power. Those who are going to vote for him (there is always), please think it over.

  3. JVF Observer says:

    Worthy student of their boss Pedrito "el guapo" Sánchez, these people who do not assume any commitment to their words and who also never take a toll on them because they have created so many lies in their political career, that we already assume them as something daily and natural, are not they should be legitimated to try to form any government, be it national, regional or local.
    Now it is in the hands of the citizens that these incompetents, tricksters, phonies, continue to fool us.

  4. Mauro says:

    But let's see, what's going on here?
    This one, who is from the party that is destroying Spain, who agrees with ETA members, who are doing the impossible to put an end to everything.
    Do you want them to vote?
    Let Txapote vote for you!
    Chulvi, Txapote is going to vote for you!!!

  5. AIR says:

    This man is afraid that the almost 100.000 napos he earns a year will escape him. And I thought that he would like to go back to coaching basketball for the kids.

  6. Freddie says:

    This individual is useless, another one who only knows how to live on politics, go NOW

  7. Ignacio says:

    Do you think they can destroy Javea even more? Hold my drink

  8. Silvio Racer says:

    How shameless this guy is.
    The ignorance of so many voters has turned Jávea into chaos. Putting completely useless people in charge has destroyed, year after year, our town.
    It is humiliating to have to pay taxes so that they pay the salary of these incapables, who now want to continue sucking from the boat, having demonstrated all these years their total inability, their cockiness and impudence.
    Enough of keeping so much useless. ENOUGH NOW!!

    • Italian says:

      BY MOUTH AJENA WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A BAD FAME. For that you have to have a very cool head and nothing affects you.
      Mr Chulvi 💪🏻

  9. Improbable says:

    To finish with the auditorium he would need 12 more years.

    What he wants to culminate is that shit absorbs Jávea, either in the form of cube houses destroying our mountains, or with emissaries that fill the sea, or with wipes that explode due to an unmaintained sewage system, or through crime that grows for not pay the cops.

    Chulvi, you are the worst thing that has happened to Jávea, and your cynicism or ignorance of reality is indecent. I don't know if it's mean or silly.

  10. Luisa says:

    To me this seems disrespectful as a house.
    An insult to the citizen.
    Something unpresentable.

  11. xabiero says:

    Chulvi, your credibility is zero, in these 12 years that you have been governing you have earned it, we all know the broken promises, unfinished works and the arrogance with which you govern. Twelve years governing with an absolute majority and you have left a lot of projects to execute and the people giving an image of absolute neglect.

    • Peter SG says:

      Twelve years old and he wants to continue, we all know why, Chulvi, don't try to hide it.
      Power has not blinded you, it has taken away the good you had. In the prize goes the punishment.