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Playful day against diabetes at the Dénia Hospital

November 15 from 2019 - 11: 02

Celebration World Diabetes Day (Yesterday, November 14) had a great participation in the Dénia Hospital where there were recreational and educational activities for patients and relatives.

The Endocrinology Section and the Diabetes Unit of the Department of Health of Dénia (DSD) organized a full day in which nutrition was reported through the food portions and their correspondence in glucose and offered the keys to what, how and how often a person with diabetes has to eat. A reading workshop on nutritional labeling was also carried out and a glucose measurement / control was carried out on attendees.

The professionals trained those interested in the correct use of "Glucose flash monitor", a subcutaneous device that measures sugar levels at all times.

During the day a class of HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) a type of physical exercise highly recommended by the toilets for people with and without diabetes and ended with a special meal for people with diabetes and their families in the cafeteria of the Dianense health center.

According to the Head of Endocrinology of the DSD, Teresa Pedro, "The goal of the day was to raise awareness, educate and train in self-care, both people with diabetes and their families."

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