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Jazz at the Parador welcomes this formation to remember the music of Duke Ellington

Event Date: May 26th 2023
Event type: Concert
Site: Bahia Hall of the Parador de Jávea
Schedule: 20: 00h
Home: 18 €
Event finished

  • On Friday, May 26, the Jazz at the Parador cycle welcomes a group with an interesting and successful career in its short year of existence: Ellingtonia Jazz Ensemble

It is not surprising the great reception that this group has had since its inception, partly due to the high quality of the international soloists that make it up, among whom we find the British Paul Evans to the trumpet, the French Samuel Marthe on trombone, the saxophonist from Alicante Enric Peidro or the pianist of Polish origin Richard Busiakiewicz among other great musicians.

The enormous attraction of this formation, dedicated to interpreting the music of Duke Ellington, is one of the reasons for the great acceptance that this group enjoys, since Duke Ellington is undoubtedly one of the composers most fruitful and brilliant of the XNUMXth century and his music is inextricably linked to the popular imagination of that century, without which it is difficult to conceive the Jazz as it has come down to our days.

From the sensual melodies of the revered Cotton Club of Harlem even the most exciting sounds of the Savoy Ballroom or the most sophisticated echoes of new york jazz Dating back to the 50s, Ellington's music spans a spectrum whose appeal has survived intact to this day. The intention of this group is to explore and keep alive the immense legacy of this great composer and pianist, who has nearly a thousand compositions. Ellingtonia Jazz Ensemble, whose quality leaves no one indifferent due to the elaborateness of their arrangements, the carefulness of their repertoire and the great respect and involvement with which they interpret Ellington's music.

This new season of Jazz at the Parador, has been a total success with the public since in all the concerts without exception the poster of "sold out", something that is expected to also happen the next day May 26 in this penultimate concert of the season that both lovers of Duke Ellington and fans of both Jazz and good music should not miss.

Fans can buy their tickets here.

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