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Javier Bonet (PSOE): The pool and the dog in the gardener

August 29 from 2019 - 13: 10

Do you remember the dog in the gardener? Surely: He who neither eats nor lets eat. Well, something like this happens to the PP of Xàbia with the projects that were not able to move forward when they had the opportunity (and the obligation) and that are now going to come true.

In 2005, when they ruled in Xàbia and in the Generalitat, they signed a commitment to build a municipal swimming pool in our town. Then the economic crisis had not yet erupted and administrative procedures for public works were substantially easier than now. That is, they had the money, the means and the opportunity. But they failed. They stayed in a first stone that must be there, buried somewhere.

The fact is that now, 14 years later, they see that the pool is going to be done with governments of the PSOE in Xàbia and in the Generalitat. And they are not managing it with political sportsmanship. So instead of joining this collective triumph, they put sticks on the wheel. They do not accept that the economic context and administrative norms have changed and are more difficult. And that with all this, getting 3 million euros (at least; the government team will continue working to increase the amount) for a project whose maximum cost will be 5, is a great success for Xàbia.

If they had worked 14 years ago, with the same intensity with which they protest now, surely we would not have had to pay a single euro to achieve this project. But his party was then to other things that the Valencians and the courts already know.

Today, while the last steps are taken to build the pool, the works of the Auditorium continue their course. And the local PP forgets that they improvised a very expensive model to take it to the Municipal Music and Dance Board ("ací teniu l'auditori!") That stayed in nothing. Although the most serious thing is not that, the dramatic thing is that they lost a subsidy of about 60% of the Generalitat within the Music 92 program to build it. That is, if they had carried out a correct management, we would have left less than half the price as it happened in other towns of the Marina Alta. The model should be there too, next to the first stone of the pool.

Unlike then, this time Xàbia has fought for what is fair. We have worked together to defend the interests of citizens. We have not yielded and that is why the objective of having a quality cultural infrastructure is closer. The key is to have clear priorities, work every day and respect the word given. That is why, now that projects that are objectively positive for thousands of residents of this town do not vote, that they call "junk policy" to the fulfillment of the commitments and to the success in efforts in which they failed due to disability or neglect, it does not stop Give some pity.

We would like to share with all political groups these historical achievements for Xàbia, but for that they must make peace with their own past. Add instead of hinder.

Javier Bonet
Deputy Secretary and spokesperson of the local group of the PSOE of Xàbia

  1. Pedro Diaz Manjon says:

    Who favors the construction of an Olympic pool in Javea?, It is clear to the Javea Olympic team, yes, and the unfinished Augusta Avenue, with indecent sidewalks, with lighting here if and not here, with a penalty cleaning, with hedges and plants in complete abandonment, but of course that does not give money, true gentlemen councilors what gives money are good contracts and distribute among all because in that if there is agreement in the plenary, Olympic pool go assembly, to swim in the sea so big that we have it, to protect it and take care of it and leave Olympic business.

    • Felip Pitarch Garcia says:

      Hi Pedro Díaz Manjón. Two little things: it is not an Olympic pool, but the size is just half. And another, that of "good contracts and sharing among all", where you suggest that the councilors take commissions, why don't you report it? Why don't you say that guy - with names, surnames and family - accepts bribes? Come on, cheer up. Champion.

  2. José Miguel Martínez Barco says:

    I would ask that the budgets presented by the PP be investigated for the construction of the previous project (foreign companies) and other budgets given by local companies and now that they would be much cheaper. It is a simple investigation from the City Council.

  3. Enrique says:

    Javier, I see that you like the comedy of Lope de Vega, if you allow me I will recommend another comedy of Lope de Vega «Works are loves, and not good reasons».
    Apply it to your socialist companions, which will suit you. I did not forget it. Thank you.

  4. Jesus Boada says:

    Mr. Bonet, I think it is very good to defend yourself from the criticism of the PP or other parties, I will not take away part of your reason, but I disagree with you. And I come to comment, Jávea needs such a large pool? Has the maintenance cost been considered? which is it going to be?. The City Council of Jávea had an agreement with Benitatxel for the pool, I say and I think it would not be better to maintain that agreement and perform a better Auditorium and reach an agreement in reverse.
    Mr. Bonet, you have thought of doing some work of this kind of economic importance in the Arenal, and following the Arenal you have thought. What we also pay and many taxes and that without the Arenal you could not keep even half of infrastructure , or staff of this Ayto.
    I claim for the Arenal the same expense that is made in other areas. I have seen in this medium that the sidewalks of Juan Carlos I Avenue are going to be renewed, what luck! Here in the Arenal there are places that cannot be renewed, we don't have.
    But Mr. Bonet you. and yours to your fights and not manage, the considerable income they get. Ah! And when are we going to spend more money paying the police and answer more? When?

  5. The Moliner says:

    Mr. Bonet, very clever the idea of ​​turning to the dog in the garden to refer to the PP, and also can be applied to the PSOE because it is a comedy in which honor is saved by lies, creating confusing and tangle situations .

  6. Eric says:

    Enough political guerrillas, each party has achieved good things for our magnificent city.
    What Xabia's neighbors want is a good collaboration between you and concrete results for the common benefit.
    Thank you very much

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