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Jávea.com wishes you a Merry Christmas from paradise

24 December 2021 - 17: 19

From the Jávea.com We want to wish you a happy Christmas and good health. Thank you for joining us during all this time. Merry Christmas, from paradise ...

  1. Latitude 28 says:

    Paradise ???
    What a hell of a site

  2. María says:


    • María says:

      The applause is for those who denounce the incinerations and that the treatment plant continues to throw shit into a SEA that feeds you (Tourism comes by sea) and that is necessary, even to breathe, yes to breathe ...

  3. Luis says:

    From the fire in the Ramblars dung heap? Add the images in the video man that you can see well everything that extends the cloud of toxic gases. A delight

  4. Hector Luis Barlatay says:

    I miss Javea, my younger brother lives there with his family, the covid does not allow me to visit him 3 years ago, very beautiful city. Hector Luis Barlatay, Villa Angela. Chaco. Argentinian republic.

  5. Miriam says:

    I do not understand very well that of Paradise

    Maybe living next to a Fire, breathing CANCER, next to a Coast full of Shit, we do not have a Water Treatment Plant that filters anything, everything goes directly to the SEA, a river full of shit that floods everything, every year ...

    They continue to build thousands of new homes, without public transport, or sewage ...


    What is HELL?

  6. Marie-Helène Bossiere says:

    tellement hâte de vous retrouver in juin comme depuis 25 years