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Isla Bonita

Calle Cannes 1 (Cross between Calle Bruselas and Avenida Arenal) See map
From Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. Wednesday closed.
Image: Isla Bonita

Isla Bonita, your Mediterranean oasis in Jávea.

A place to relax, to savor Mediterranean cuisine, to enjoy every moment of summer ... This is Isla Bonita!


In its restaurant you can taste the typical Valencian rice dishes, a wide variety of tapas and the tastiest grilled meats.

You can see his letter here

Pool & Hammocks

In Isla Bonita the moment of relaxation, swimming pool and sunbathing is guaranteed. Around its pool, they have a sandy area with Balinese beds and hammocks, so you feel like you are on a beach on a paradise island, but even better, with views of the Montgó.

Ready to live the summer of your life? Yes or yes, you have to visit Isla Bonita.

Find them next to the Karting, Calle Cannes 1 (cross between Calle Bruselas and Avenida Arenal).


Calle Cannes 1 (Cross between Calle Bruselas and Avenida Arenal) -
  1. Loli says:

    Good food, excellent service….
    My Dani the best and Floren a charm
    I do not forget about you Angel very attentive.
    Recommended 100%

    • Ivan Escolano says:

      On behalf of the entire Isla Bonita team, thank you for your words. It will be a pleasure to receive you again.

  2. Carmen says:

    Recently in this complex I have had an unpleasant encounter with a manager of this place, apparently instead of gaining clients, she is dedicated to losing them, how sad to think that having good professionals they hire opponents

  3. Vir says:

    We have been regular customers for years; it is a pleasant place to be with friends and family.
    You can eat and after a while have a drink accompanied by a good swim in the pool but since they have this new manager, it leaves much to be desired; We have always recommended that family and friends visit Isla Bonita when they come to Javea. This Lady has denied us the passage to be accompanied by our pet; when he misses us, because he always accompanies us, at the moment he tells us that he does not have breakfast; Seeing us perplexed, he tells us that it is closed until eleven am, not all of that we wait at the door until the time is done, while we see a family pass by with a lot of children including babies pass inside. That's when we ask again and they tell us that until 11am when the gym water classes are over, you can't enter. I did not know that babies do gym water and just enter when classes are over. Another day Eating a paella; She treated us with bad manners so until this lady changes her aptitude or leaves her we will not return.

  4. Raul Sanchez says:

    Good morning, we intend on it today four adults.
    The idea is a sun lounger or a Balinese in the pool and also eat (table already reserved).
    Could you advise us on the rest of the options?
    Thank you.

  5. Cardigan says:

    Hello good morning, we wanted to go on Sunday to eat and spend the day. I would like to have information if you have to reserve, prices ...
    Thank you so much!!

    • chulviii says:

      Any. A fraud.
      Don't you go.

      • Victor Cruanes says:

        Chulviii??? Any reason in particular! Your opinion is to be respected, but any answer justifying said opinion, whether good or bad, would be appreciated. From my point of view, your opinion seems absurd.
        It is much more difficult to describe than to comment. Infinitely more, that's why everyone is able to give their opinion on something!!!

  6. Jose Maria ribalta Hurtado says:

    I really like that coast

  7. Vanesa says:

    Hi, my husband and I intend to go this Sunday with another couple ... the idea is to take something, a dip and eat there.
    Is there a special price for using the pool?
    All the best