Inés Doménech: «This year I will live the acts that I like the most with sadness because I will see that my parties are over»

In the absence of a few hours for the first official act of the festivities of Les Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia 2019, the Proclamation of the Queen, ladies, presidents and Court of honor 2019, its protagonist, Inés Doménech, Regina Major de la Foguera, she feels nervous but eager to live and enjoy her year of Quintà.

The representative of Les Fogueres 2019, the selective one has finished this week, and hopes to be able to obtain the note to accede to Infirmary and later to specialize in midwife.

Inés, who has lived the party since she was a child, now does it as the queen of the fiestas, an important position that she hopes to represent very well. "Speaking in public is what I respect the most, but the day of Pregó I hope to do it well, not to get nervous and be able to face all neighbors", points out the queen and appreciates the help of her aunt in her writing.

Doménech points out that for her, all acts have something special, «But the ones I like most are concentrated in the last two days of parties, 23 and 24 in June. This year I suppose that I will live with sadness because I will see that our parties are over ».

Since her election as Queen of Quintà 2019, nine months ago, Inés points out that she has lived with enthusiasm but with some stress, «It has been a few months of trying to combine studies with visits and preparations, but now we have to enjoy the holidays because we deserve them», explains Ines Xà

The queen of 2019 reviews that she has received advice from her predecessors, Marta Arnal and Belén Fliquete, so that she will live this year as something unforgettable.

«I hope my fifths live them like me, by my side. And as for the other charges, ladies, presidents and charges for children we have connected very well. The child queen, Júlia Badenes and the lady, María Sobrino, I already knew them before but the truth is that these months we have joined more and we are all a group of friends », says Inés.

In addition, the Queen of Les Fogueres 2019, praises the great work done by the Festival Commission, "They have been the ones who have organized and carried out everything. From the Quintà we have helped in what we could ».

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