Ignacio Cardona and Aida Pérez dominated the 23 Km race in the 'Bodega Xaló Trail' test

El Circuit Trail Marina 2019 It started with the Bodega Xaló Trail test, in which the regional athletes were great protagonists. This first appointment had three modalities for the more than 450 participants: a test of 15 km, which had registered 156, another of 23 Km, with 210 athletes and another for some 90 walkers.

In the long test of 23 kilometers, the best was Ignacio Cardona, the veteran athlete of Llebeig Athletics Club Xàbia imposed its law and strength reaching the goal in the first position. The time crossing the arrival arc of the athlete xabiero was 2: 11.18. The second place went to Emili Sellés, of the Marathon Crevillent, with a record of 2: 12.23. The third place went to the Dianense, Pedro Martínez, of the Esports Colau Trail, who did a time of 2: 15.25.

In women, the best was the Dianense, Aida Pérez del CA Baleària Diànium with an 3 brand: 01.56. The second in goal was Antonia Valero, an independent athlete, who finished the test in a time of 3: 07.36. The third place went to Laura Salom, of the Tavernes de la Valldigna Excursionist Center, with an 3 brand: 08.51.

It should be noted that the Llebeig Athletics Club competed as a mixed team formed by the following athletes: Eduardo Vallés, Ignacio Cardona, Miguel Bisquert, Gina Virueña, David Joaquín Donate, Rolf Jong, Eduardo Crespo, Francisco Javier Fernández, Juan José Vallés and Ferran Bernat. Together they have managed to position themselves in sixth place.

In the distance of 23 km, the athletes of the llebeig took the road getting to finish. Rolf with a time of 03: 26: 28. With a mark of 2: 42: 57 crossed the line Fernández and Crespo finished the Trail in 3: 57: 40. Eduardo Vallés finished with a time of 2: 55: 25. Bernat managed to finish with a time of 4: 08: 20.

With regard to the distance of 15 km participated in the Llebeig; Gina Virueña, Raúl Bover and Cristóbal Buigues. Gina was in fifth position of the absolute female category with a time of 1: 43: 16. Bover passed the goal in 1: 43: 28 and Buigues did it in 1: 29: 55.

Jordi Ripoll of CA Baleària Diànium dominated the 15 km

In the test of the 15 kilometers, the winner was Jordi Ripoll, of the CA Baleària Diànium, who is demonstrating his great moment of form since he comes from winning in the last races in which he is participating. His final time was 1: 14,51. The second place went to the independent, Gonsal Ferrer, who made an 1 brand: 16.43. The third place went to Blas Artesero, an independent athlete who finished the course with a time of 1: 19.40.

In the women's category, the test was dominated by María Fuentes, an independent who ended up with a record of 1: 24.49, being ninth in the absolute general classification. The second classified was Rosa Lara, from the Gata Athletics Club, who made a record of 1: 32.35. Third place went to Elisa Sansano, with an 1 brand: 39.33.

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