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Hurtan 500 euros in gourmet products from several supermarkets in less than an hour

November 18 from 2019 - 14: 19

The Civil Guard has investigated in Calpe three men and one woman, all of Spanish nationality of 49, 45, 36 and 32 years respectively, as alleged perpetrators of a continuing crime of theft. In less than an hour, they stole products “Gourmet” from several supermarkets worth 500 euros.

It was last week when the agents proceeded to investigate four people as alleged perpetrators of a continuing crime of theft, committed in three local supermarkets. Apparently these individuals, who have numerous backgrounds for similar events, had decided to start their particular Christmas campaign, through the theft of products “Gourmet”, nougat, chocolates and even a ham, all worth 500 euros.

The action was carried out when agents belonging to the Research Area, who performed civil service, observed the suspicious attitude of the occupants of a vehicle parked on Juan Carlos I avenue in the town of Peñón, where several supermarkets are located.

After a discreet follow-up, they were able to observe that while the driver remained inside the vehicle, the rest of the occupants headed towards the different supermarkets. A few minutes later they returned to leave the products in the trunk and return immediately to the establishments.

Given these facts, the Civil Guard decided to act just around the third and last trip. When they searched their clothes and the vehicle, the agents found a lot of effects and food products of leading brands such as chocolates, ham cases, cockles cans, gels, hair conditioners, perfume and makeup bottles. But what caught most attention was the finding of a large ham.

After making the necessary steps, they found out that all the products had been fraudulently removed, using the use of wide clothes to hide among them the subtracted effects (including ham) and thus avoid being detected as they passed through the cash line.

Because of the type of food seized, mostly typical of Christmas consumption, it is suspected that they were selected for later sale on the black market, where they would have obtained a large benefit. These four investigated as alleged perpetrators of a continued crime of theft, were released pending Fast Trial.

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  1. Guillermo Geisser says:

    It is always necessary to highlight the performance of the Civil Guard, so necessary and vital for citizen security, that is why it is necessary to provide it with better means and improvements to its barracks.