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Héctor Illueca from Unides Podem promises in Xàbia the limitation of the rental price

May 25 from 2023 - 00: 22

The candidate of Unides Podem Esquerra Unida to the Presidency of the Generalitat, Héctor Illueca, visited Xàbia and its Municipal Market yesterday morning together with the number one on the Podem list for Alicante, Alejandro Aguilar, the candidate for mayor of Xàbia by Podem, Juan López and members of the local formation morada.

Illueca talked with the neighbours, distributed information about the Podem Xàbia project to improve the town and was interested in the trajectory of local commerce when talking with the merchants of the Mercat.


On the subject of housing, the minister listed the multiple aids and plans that his Ministry has put at the service of the municipalities and regretted that Xàbia had not received any.

Likewise, Héctor Illueca demonstrated a deep knowledge of local politics by remarking that "in this electoral campaign housing seems to be in fashion, when four years ago the only political party that spoke in its electoral program of a public housing park was Podem Xàbia Neither PP nor PSOE mentioned housing in their electoral program in 2019. Four years lost for people who want to live in Xàbia".

Given this fact, the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat for Unides Podem promised to limit the price of rents in the stressed areas when the approved State Housing Law enters into force. In addition, Illueca showed its purpose in allocating 40% of all publicly owned homes to young people.

Reconversion Hospital of Dénia

Regarding the conversion of the Marina Salud Hospital, which includes the entire Marina region, to public management, the minister and Podem candidate stated that he missed a more proactive attitude on the part of the Valencian government, "it is not enough to wait for it to end the contract, but better management than the one that existed before the privatization had to be prepared from now on".

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  1. vomiting says:

    Another with promises...
    Those who buy a Villa with a Pool, now like Chulvi promising everything hours before the elections, pathetic.