Until the March 18, citizens can check their census data and submit claims

The city councils and the provincial delegations of the Central Electoral Office show, from this Monday 11 day and until next Monday 18 day of March, the electoral lists of their respective municipalities and demarcations so that the citizens can consult and check the data to vote in the 28 elections in April. People residing abroad can check their registration data on these same dates at the consular offices.

The consultation, as established in article 39.2 of the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime (LOREG), may be carried out by computer means, after identification of the interested party, or by means of public exposure of the electoral lists, if it is not counted with sufficient computer means for this.

Also available at the Electronic Office of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) is a service to consult the registration data in the electoral census and the polling place and address of the polling place, prior accreditation of the identity with electronic certificate.


Within the term of the exhibition, which ends on Monday 18 of March, any citizen who has found errors in their personal data, in changes of address in the same district or not included in any section of the census, can submit a claim directly before the Provincial Delegation of the corresponding Electoral Census Office or through its municipality or consulate.

The Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office will resolve the claims presented within three days and will order the pertinent rectifications, which must be exposed to the public at the March 22.

On the other hand, also from this Monday until the March 18 will be met the requests of those who oppose their inclusion in the copies of the electoral census that are provided to the representatives of the candidates to make postal mailings of electoral propaganda. The procedure to carry out this procedure can be done via the web from the INE's electronic headquarters.

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