Civil Guard investigates nine employees of the 'Blue Zone' of Calpe

The Civil Guard of Calpe is investigating nine people, all of them employed by a company in charge of controlling the parking of the Blue Zone (ORA) in that town, for being the alleged perpetrators of a series of continuing crimes of documentary falsehood and fraud.

At the beginning of March of this year 2019, the Civil Guard of Calpe was aware of several irregularities committed, allegedly, by some employees of a vehicle control company parked in the Blue Zone, especially as regards at the time of control and preparation of complaints to said vehicles, either for lacking the parking ticket or for having exceeded the time of the same.

The agents of the Civil Guard Investigation Area of ​​the Calpina locality began the corresponding investigation procedures, verifying that, many of the complaints filed by these investigated employees had only been supervised or verified by a single controller, being an essential requirement that the offense in question is corroborated or adverated on-site for at least two controllers.

That is, when a driver observes an offending vehicle, another worker other than the latter must verify these facts, moving to the place where the infraction had been witnessed. Thanks to the investigation, it has been possible to know, in a reliable way, that these checks were not made following the current legal regulations, since both controllers were alerted by telephone so that, thus, one of them could save the displacement and be able to cover more extension of the municipality.

Once this call was made, the only controller present in the infraction, issued a bulletin-complaint with two signatures, falsely alleging the alleged corroboration of the second operator, so that the complaint could not be
appealable or voidable.

Another extreme that could be accredited thanks to the investigation was that these workers, many of the times in which they made a complaint, did not leave the bulletin-physical complaint, on the windshield of the denounced vehicle, thus causing the complaint to arrive directly through of SUMA, that is, being your mandatory payment. With this, employees are supposed to pretend "Educate users, so that they get used to putting the ticket."

Increase in complaints

The motive for this malpractice, carried out by the controllers, would be the increase in the number of complaints, thereby increasing the economic benefit and leading to cost savings in the hiring of more staff, to perform these checks legally, in accordance with established in current legislation. Apparently, and as evidenced by the statements collected during the investigation, there were specific orders from two of the bosses / managers of the company, to act in this fraudulent way, threatening workers with dismissal, in case of insubordination .

In addition to the continued crimes of falsification of a public document, it has also been possible to verify the commission of a continuing crime of fraud, since, in the drafting of the complaints, there was action through deception and falsehood, thereby causing serious economic damage to the citizens.

The total balance of the people investigated is 9, all of them Spanish, being five women and four men, aged between 33 and 61 years. All of them were released after giving a statement to police agencies, awaiting trial.

According to the result of the investigation, these irregularities would have been carried out for more than a year, which could have caused users serious economic damage, still to be determined, of several thousand euros.

Many of the victims of this scam have already been informed of the existence of the opening of a judicial procedure, so that they can appear as interested parties and be able to claim possible compensation. It is not ruled out that these events could also have occurred in other municipalities where this company provides its services.

It is worth mentioning the invaluable collaboration of the City of Calpe, when providing the data and files required by the agents, necessary for the development of the investigation.

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