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Great role of sport in the XI javienses Mini Jocs Marina Alta

May 18 from 2015 - 15: 59

Mini XI Olympic Jocs Marina Alta concluded with the shutdown of the Olympic flame was lit in which the cauldron during the three days of comxicotetion. Following the opening ceremony on Friday, it arrived on a Saturday full of comxicotetion, teams and individual athletes sought their successes or enter the finals were played on the day Sunday.

Jávea champion team in soccer

All this against a great number of people were fro the facilities of the municipal sports center of Denia. Great atmosphere surrounded all comxicotetions since about 9.000 people were during the weekend witnessed the various comxicotetions.

All athletes javienses made every effort to bring the highest to its population, both individually and in teams.

We must emphasize the championship title achieved by the football team that had to be used thoroughly because in the final against Benissa had to go to the launch of penalties to elucidate the winner.

It was easier for javiense set of handball won the victory after a great comxicotetion. While representatives of the volleyball team also performed a great role to be second behind the set of Dénia. Pilota Valenciana team finished in second place of the podium.

Xàbia team handball

Things did not go well in basketball mode both girls and boys could not fight for medals, however, they had an excellent performance.

With all comxicotetions finished we proceeded to the medal ceremony. An act that began with the parade of all disabled Convicted of Association to the curb, some of whom had participated in the comxicotetions. All of them were handed over medals

Subsequently, the athletes were parading through the podiums installed to collect their awards. In this installment of medal were the authorities of the delegations participating in the Mini Jocs Esportius organized by the Consortium of High Navy.

Jávea- party jumpstart Calpe

The last act that served to put an end to this comxicotetion was off flame cauldron and the act of fold and store the Olympic flag.

Mini XI Jocs are history and assessment is very positive both public attendance level as the organization as it was fulfilled in full rigor times and everything went perfectly.

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  1. toni says:

    The team also participated paddle, which was first!