Great balance for Tri-Benitatxell in its first year of competition

Several months ago some athletes from El Poble Nou de Benitatxell had the brilliant idea of ​​expanding the sports practice of the municipality offering the possibility of triathlon. Triathlon is a sport that is in fashion, so from the Club Multiesport Benitatxell, linked to athletics, the triathlon section was formed with the name of Tri-Benitatxell.

Those were the foundations of an adventure that follows the path drawn from the Department of Sports itself, when two years ago he formed the Athletics and Triathlon school. The future that the section can continue and sustain is that the youngest discover this sport and integrate into it.

The best example where they look is near, as has grown Club Multiesport Benitatxell, where every day that passes there are more who join sports.

The rise of triathlon at El Poble Nou in Benitatxell has been important, and in one of the last tests that have been carried out, the TriXàbia-III Edu Monfort Memorial, there were 10 pobleros triathletes. Some of them had an outstanding performance coming to the podium.

Days later, in the Triathlon held in Alicante, the couple formed by Mateo Bustos and Simón Guido were first in the race in pairs in the Sprint distance. In that same distance, but individually, Omar Gómez was the best in his category and the three were among the first 36 of the absolute classification. Others, such as Antonio Andradas or Juan Carlos Vidal, were in the same test but in more delayed positions.

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