Graham Smith, a resident of Xàbia creates more than 50 inventions designed for environmental care and economic savings

Think and devise easy solutions that facilitate the day-to-day life of citizens and of course, respecting the environment. That is the objective and concern of Graham Smith, a Briton, resident of Xàbia for 20 years ago, who is always waiting to create a new product that saves energy, money and helps its users.

This initiative started 25 years ago with a toothbrush and has already created around 50 products, some of them being sold in different cities or with patents bought by large industries.

Smith is now working on the possible distribution of the ecological toothbrush in large Spanish surfaces. Created of bamboo, to avoid plastic as it was invented at first, this brush is made up of a small water tank in the handle which contains a small hole through which the water comes out thus avoiding high water consumption and intake of contaminated water bacteria in case of traveling to other countries. In addition, this brush is approved by WWF (World Association for Nature).

Continuing to save water, this inventor has devised a washing machine that allows reuse of used water, since it is stored in a tank of the washing machine instead of discarding it, «There are cases in which we put the washing machine just because the clothes have been put on once and it is not dirty wasting a lot of liters of water. On this occasion, the water could be reused », says the Smith, who adds that there is a well-known trademark interested in the idea.

On the other hand, Graham, dedicated to renewable energy, has also invented beverage machines that work through solar squares, the solar vents, which were in operation in Xàbia in 2003, for two summers, installed in the Arenal Beach, and that reached a commercial agreement for the machines with Pepsi Cola.

Within this industry, Graham has invented and patented banks with recycled plastic advertising canopies that also work with solar energy, installed in a supermarket in Xàbia «And that provide a care for the environment avoiding the felling of trees to create them of wood»says Smith.

But Graham's ideas focus not only on this area but also on facilitating people's lives and taking care of their health. For this, this resident of Xàbia has created several products that are for sale in some stores in the region. On the one hand, in order to avoid back injuries due to load stresses or any part of the body, Smith has devised protective handles that facilitate lifting, for example the truck.

In the field of gardening has also created some supports for shovels and rakes that help the load and work with this tool.

Also, in health, he invented the Cryo Box, used by important professional athletes and in operation in several hospitals, as indicated by its creator, this machine provides cold (up to -5 degrees) in a single area of ​​the body treating cases of arthritis, facilitating the cure of sports injuries, cell removal fat or lifting making the recovery and improvement notice from the first session.

Graham Smith is also known for his invention of wine maturation in seawater tanks. This system consists of introducing the young wines into tanks filled with sea water, helping them to age faster and providing very different flavors. An innovation that has already echoed a winery in Xàbia, the House Wine.

Among other inventions, for babies, Smith has created a pacifier that contains a filter that gives off the smell of eucalyptus, helping the baby to breathe and facilitating the usual nasal congestion in the little ones.

With regard to the internet connection, this resident has created a system that allows the connection of up to six devices (mobile, computer, tablet ...). This works through an APP and a router, a Wi-Fi network even being outside the home thus contributing to the saving of data invoices in each of the devices and therefore paying only a quantity.

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  1. Jesus Boada:

    Congratulations !, people like that deserve to live on a planet Earth continue to bet on Humanity.
    Another thing is the politicians who govern, states, nations or peoples as in our Mr. Cholvi who likes many photos but management to improve the city, as just and by neighborhoods.
    I remind our Illustrious mayor of this news that has come out in a national digital newspaper, I put the link:
    If there is an early echo of Leo and the citizens of Jávea we can breathe better and circulate with bikes or scooters much better in the streets.
    Keep it up Graham, we need a lot of people like you.


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