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The gastronomy of Xàbia

15 July 2022 - 00: 00

Xàbia has many restaurants where you can taste from the native cuisine to the most international cuisine. But if we base ourselves on the culinary tradition of the area we find delicious dishes. Recipes that have passed from generation to generation and that we can taste in most bars and restaurants in the town.

Next you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with.

culinary entity

The gastronomy of Xàbia is linked to its history and its geographical location. From the agricultural activity the typical dishes of legumes and vegetables are born and from the relationship with the sea the great variety of recipes with fish, shellfish and molluscs.

Thus, and Xàbia being a coastal town, rice and fish are the undisputed protagonists that stand out in its local gastronomy.

Typical dishes


Paella, in all its varieties, is the most popular dish. From the traditional mixed paella, typical of Alicante, through the arroz a banda or the typical seafood paella with suc roig.

The history of the different types of rice being called 'paella' is due to the place where it is cooked. Paella is a wide iron container called paella and inside it the rice is cooked accompanied by other ingredients such as meat, fish, shellfish and/or vegetables.

On the other hand, and without neglecting rice, in this town there is a tradition for 'arròs al forn' (baked rice) made in a clay pot, or 'arròs amb fesols i naps' (rice with beans and turnips).


As for fish, there are several dishes made with this fresh product taken directly from the Bay of Xàbia.

In addition to rice dishes or fideuà made with fish, we also find seafood tapas in Xabiera cuisine such as cuttlefish, squid, octopus, fried food or the star of the sea, 'el Bogamarí' (sea urchin). As for the main dishes, there is 'cruet de peix' (fish stew put all raw) or 'suc roig' (fish broth).

local tapas

But in traditional and Mediterranean cuisine we cannot forget two basic ingredients, garlic and olive oil, which together form the tasty and well-known 'all i oli' that accompanies a multitude of dishes.

On the other hand, there are the salted ones, among which the bull dishes and the melva borreta stand out. And to this ingredient is added the traditional cocas made with pepper and tomato, onion or oil and salt, as well as the esgarrat.


And to complete a typical xabiero menu leave the typical fruits of the land with which the sweets are made. Almonds, oranges, raisins and figs are some of the main ingredients of the typical Xàbia sweets or desserts. 'Ametla and sweet potato pastissets', the 'mona de pasqua', the 'pilota' or the 'tortà' are some of the traditional desserts of Xàbia.

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