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Filà Almoradins

28 July 2021 - 10: 16

La Filà Almoradins, belonging to the Moor side, is one of the oldest of the Festival of Moors and Christians of Xàbia and one of the ones that binds the most components. Its foundation dates back to 1982, so it has been 38 years working to make these parties grow. With its foundation, Xàbia already had a total of three filaes, two blackberries, Jalufos and Almoradins, and a Christian, Trabuquers.

About us

Almoradins was formed by Vicente Montaner Sala, belonging to the filà Jalufos, but that he left it to make these parties grow and increase the number of filaes. Montaner, together with a group of people, after a chat with friends, set out on the path of entering the newly created Moors and Christians festivities with the main objective of promoting the parties they felt as their own by creating a new line. The passion for the party and the implication to improve them year after year led the Almoradins to be 12 components in its foundation.

The following year, the filà had new additions and already added 35 people, a large number with only one year old. At present, in 2021, Almoradins is formed by more than 60 people among men, women and children, although since its inception it was only composed of men. It was not until 1988 when Almoradins introduced its first women's film and in 1991 the children's film was incorporated, although they went on parade in some previous year.

Symbols of the Filà

But the history of Almoradins is also marked by the protagonist of the parties, the Canyon. Built by hand in 1983 by Juan Miralles, Pepe Tortajada and Chimo Moll (the artisans of the row), this is part of all the popular events of the festivities and is the emblematic object of the Filà. The idea of ​​its pregnancy came given, unanimously, by all the components of the Filà to give identity to the filà.

At present, the well-known canyon, which reigns each one of the acts, is one of the symbols of which both the filà itself and the rest of partiers are proud.

Years later, in 1987, the filà decided to buy a local property to be used only for parties and would be his Kábila. A fully characterized and personalized place located on Dr Fleming Street, corner with Avenida Jaime I, which has the first suit worn by the filà in the first parade as well as the prizes won for best squad suits and capes.

Origin of its name

Almoradins It is a transformation of two names. The formation of the crescent, after considering different possibilities, chose to combine the Arabic name of the tribe of the almorávides and transform it into a Valencian phonetics, hence: Almoradins.

Banner and costumes

Likewise, the design of its banner is characterized by the profile of its founder, Vicente Montaner Sala, in an expectant and hieratic attitude in front of a Moorish conquest. This was created in 1985, although it did not appear in the parade until 1986 and is the work of Costa Tur.

Previous years, from its creation in 1982 and until 1985 (inclusive), wore the standard that appears in each of its Captaincy, next to the current one. A banner based on the Mora tower

As for the dress, the Almoradins They are characterized by having two suits for daily use in addition to a gala dress on property. On the one hand they wear the white chilaba with light brown stripes and on the other hand they have a suit composed of black pants, a gold vest with a crescent as a symbol of the embroidered Moor side and a golden sash. This suit also has a black cap with white tassel.

The gala costume owned by both men and women is styled Tuareg in blue and white tones and with spingarda. A style of costume by which Filà Almoradins is characterized, "We are desert tuaregs and we have never dressed black or African suits", point from the filà.

Participation in other populations

The Filà Almoradins has been one of those that has represented the Moors and Christians of Xàbia in different locations and events. For years and with their own gala dress they have paraded in numerous acts representing the Central Board as in the 2nd UNDEF Congress in Ontinyent, 3rd UNDEF Congress in Murcia, and as part of the Moraira, Xaló, Vall festivities from Laguar, Murla and Pedreguer.

Own blackberry march

The Filà Almoradins has its own gear. Titled Almoradins de Xàbia, was composed by the master composer of El Poble Nou de Benitachell, Antonio J. Catalá Buigues in 2010. The blackberry march was released in May of that same year in Pego, at the Pego Band concert and was later released in Xàbia at the Moors and Christians parties.

Also, for a few years, the Filà Almoradins has as its official band in its parades the Agrupació Musical de l'Horta Sud, and the marches that sound in during the parade are Lightened Spiros, Xabat and Magenta of San Blas.


Since its founding, 38 years ago, the Filà Almoradins has held a total of five captains and four flags with the following positions:

Captaincy and captains

  • Captaincy 1986: Vincent Mont
  • Captaincy 1991: Francisco Carmelo Cholbi Serrat and Rosa Mª Segarra. This coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Filà and that is when the assembly of the boatos begins in Jávea
  • Captaincy 1997: Gabriel Asenjo and Paqui Cardona
  • Captaincy 2007: Joaquín Fornés and Paqui Catalá. This year they celebrate their 25th anniversary.
  • Captaincy year 2019: Emilio Bañuls Raboso

Flag bearers

  • Flagged year 1998: Vanessa Mata Toledo
  • Flagged year 2004: Maria Angeles Bataller
  • Flagged year 2011: Mar Asenjo Cardona
  • Flagged year 2019: Lorena Ros Martinez

Presidents of the Central Board of Moros i Cristians Xàbia

Since the creation of the Central Board of Moros and Cristians Xàbia in 1983, three components of the Filà Almoradins have taken over as presidents:

  • 1994-1995 year: Joaquin Moll Bas
  • 1996-1997 year: Emilio Bañuls Raboso
  • 2004-2005 year: John Bta. Benlloch Torres

Sant Jaume Awards

For a few years now, the Central Board of Moros i Cristians has awarded the Sant Jaume awards to people who have gone out of their way to the parties, for making them grow and make them last. Of the components of the Filà Almoradins, three have been awarded for their dedication:

  • Año 2016: Chimo Moll Bas
  • Año 2018: Emilio Bañuls Raboso
  • Año 2019: John Bta. Benlloch Torres

Be part of the Filà

The Filà Almoradins has statutes approved by the Generalitat Valenciana since April 2000. The Filà is always open to anyone who wants to join them. Although to get 100% involved they recommend signing up before Mig Any to start participating in the events, it is not an essential issue. The Filà Almoradins can be accessed by both men, women and / or children.

Photos and videos

Filà Almoradins in the 2014 parade.

Video summary of the Captaincy of 2019.

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