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Jávea has a full calendar ranging from the celebrations of Christian origin to those of pagan origin. Customs-Puerto del Mar. old town and the: Javea celebrations are continued throughout the year in major urban centers

Chronologically, the festivities begin on January 5, with the Three Kings Cavalcade, organized by the "fifths".

The 20 January, is celebrated San Sebastian, Patron of Jávea. eminently religious acts.
In February, the "fifths" (young people who turn 18 that year), organize the Carnivals or Carnival, as a jubilant farewell before the arrival of Lent.

28 held from April to May 3 the festivities in honor of Jesus of Nazareth. These are the most important religious feast of Jávea.

Approximately about 15 June, Les Fogueres de Sant Joan, celebrations of pagan origin begin.
In the harbor, sailors celebrate 16 July, the feast of the Virgen del Carmen, sea procession and wreath in the middle of the bay.

From the 16 to the 20 of July, also in Aduanas del Mar, Los Moors and Christians.
The 2 August, celebrations in honor of the Virgin of Los Angeles, at the Monastery of St. Jerome.
Between September 1 and 8, the festivities in honor of the Virgen del Loreto take place. Various events are celebrated, highlighting "Els bous" (the bulls), and the fireworks castle from the port's pier.

The next Sunday, the feast of Popul, so called to be held in the chapel that bears his name is held. Mass and distribution of sweets and chocolate at the Hermitage.

The December 13 St. Lucia is celebrated in the chapel that bears his name. It is characteristic of this party delivering donuts and mistela participants.

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