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Festivities in Jávea Jesús Nazareno

January 25 from 2013 - 00: 00

The festivities in honor of the Nazarene (Natzaré), are celebrated from the 28 of April to the 3 of May. They are the most important religious festivals of Jávea. On the third Sunday of Lent, the image of Jesus of Nazarene descends in procession, from the hermitage of Calvary to the parish church of Sant Bertomeu. The May 3, a new procession accompanies the image to its usual place in El Calvario. Around this time, numerous acts are organized, both religious and páganos, highlighting the bulls through the different streets of the town, the fireworks castles, the novena, the masses, the processions, etc ...

The contest is very popular Las Cruces de Mayo-Les Creus de Maig (2 and 3 days May).
Varied flower crosses are made, which are exhibited in the streets of the town where the "majorals" or organizers of the Nazarene festivals reside.

Festivities Javea, Jesus Nazareno

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