This Friday comes the most critical moment of the cold wave: 0º in Xàbia

The meteorological forecast of the State Meteorological Agency advances that this Friday comes the hardest episode of the cold wave. According to the AEMET, the minimum temperature will reach 0 degrees in Xàbia, while the maximum will reach 13 degrees in the central hours of the day.

On Saturday the minimum temperature will be similar, settling in 1 grade. The maximum will rise until reaching the 17 degrees. The skies will be clear throughout the weekend and the minimum temperatures will recover the values ​​of days before the beginning of the week.

Emergency device activated

El Mayor of Xàbia has instructed local police officers to be especially vigilant and in case of detecting any person "homeless" accompany her to a sheltered place. In this sense, in collaboration with the Red Cross, a shelter will be set up in the multipurpose room from Thursday night until the intense cold episode ends.

Advice to the population

  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is better to wear several lightweight and warm overlays than a single piece of thick fabric
  • Beware of coal, electric and gas stoves: move them away from curtains and curtains.
  • Take precautions to avoid the poisoning produced by the use of braziers, wood stoves, coal or gas in closed places without renewal of air.
  • Have an extinguisher on hand
  • Prepare a first aid kit and those medicines that are used permanently or sporadically by all or any of the members of the family unit.
  • Have adequate clothing and footwear for these contingencies.
  • Keep informed of the weather situation through official information disseminated by the media
  • Follow the driving tips with snow and ice of the DGT

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