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«'Survey' PSOE Xàbia»

10 March 2023 - 08: 19

The survey recently presented by the PSOE, more than a mechanism for participation, seems like a propaganda strategy for an electoral campaign and produces a certain embarrassment. As a tendentious question, what the socialists understand as achievements are launched, so that people know them and rate them; but how is it possible that they ask us if the elimination of the garbage rate for second homes in Xàbia seems an achievement? What we want are pedal containers, for example, that the streets are clean and that the sales are for the people who really need them. Also missing from this 'questionnaire' are questions like:
What inability of this town hall do you think it's more serious?

'Survey' PSOE Xàbia

That of making a budget despite governing alone and with a surplus of 12 million euros;

The one to finish works (auditorium, school, c/Castellans, small parks, etc.);

That of developing a questionnaire that is really interested in the opinion of the people;

Other(s): ________________________________________________________

Nor is it, as its title says, "The most collaborative program in history." Apart from this being a somewhat megalomaniac statement, the survey comes a year later than the one we did from Podemos. Now yes, it is a very skillful strategy to camouflage the total inefficiency of the current government by saying that the will of the citizens is fulfilled because it would be pathetic for the PSOE to put projects like

"integral water cycle"

“finish the works of the Central Cinema, which is called to be the great cultural dynamizer of the town”;

"Municipalize cleaning and garbage services";

efficient public transport, participatory budgets, transparency, etc.

Why pathetic? Because all this (and many more things that have not been fulfilled) was already included in the electoral program of 2015. Eight years governing alone with an absolute majority and no project of that time come true! Of course they do not dare to take out an electoral program. Nobody was going to believe it, and that deepens the society-political gap and discredits us all.

On the other hand, when we take stock of the execution of any initiative, it is important to avoid pure production or activity objectives, because it is something that has many artifacts. It is better to go for quality goals. For example, what has €13M been spent on for companies? What results have been obtained? Have the objectives planned for these funds been met? Have companies felt protected with these aids?

These are the questions we should ask ourselves when launching aid or drafting a government program. And of course, determine the measurement mechanism of each initiative.

From Podem Xàbia we think it's great that the municipal parties adopt the proposals and activities that we carry out and not only because of the survey that we presented in December 2021, with more than 200 responses and from where our electoral program has been generated. We have launched and suggested many activities that have an impact on our municipality and that we will implement as soon as we reach the government.

But the important thing about a program is how its compliance is guaranteed. One of the aspects that most demobilizes citizens and that most widens the gap between politics and society, is the failure to comply with the electoral programs. In our program we establish a mechanism to periodically review its degree of compliance; We hope that the rest of the parties will also adopt this commitment and, little by little, we will be able to bring politics closer to the citizenry.

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  1. July says:

    The article is totally correct; has caught the PSOE in its true claim. Very good

  2. indignant socialist says:

    Xe, Jose Chulvi, answer, man, explain this nova enganyifa.

  3. Pablo says:

    Excellent comment on the embarrassing and embarrassing survey.
    . Look, Mr. Mayor, either you are very daring or your compis have slipped into it. What a blunder, unpresentable. Not even the right dares so much.

  4. Miquel says:

    It's not my style, but when you're right, you are.
    In the end, this match will be the most coherent in Jávea and it seems that the national Podemos has nothing to do with the local one apart from the other parties.
    This man seems to promise, Chulvi also promised and look at how the municipality is in total disaster, with an inexperienced government team incapable of doing things.

  5. Vicenta says:

    All the rao!!