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Find the latest in Energy Sistem speakers and headphones on Blu

August 29 from 2019 - 08: 00

Do you like to wear the most leading accessories? Are you passionate about technology? Blu, your fiber optic operator in Jávea, in addition to offering you mobile telephony, television and internet, brings you the latest News on speakers and headphones of the Energy Sistem brand.

Head over to Blu, in the port of Jávea, and find Energy Sistem accessories such as:

  • Smart Speakers smart speakers: recognize your voice and answer your questions. They have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, to use at home.
  • Music Box speakers: portable speakers with Bluetooth, with TWS system (True Wireless Stereo) to synchronize two speakers and double the power.
  • Energy Tower speakers: connect Bluetooth devices, with 60W output power.
  • Energy headphones: with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation technology.
  • Energy earpods: Bluetooth headphones with ear design and true wireless technology.

  • Do you like these ideas? Also, in Blu you have mobile phones, tablets and sound equipment. And if you need to repair any of your Gadgets, ask them. They have a repair service effective for you

    Blu is on Lepanto Avenue, 21. Go see them or call 865 664 500, choose the fiber optic rate that suits you best, and enjoy sailing at high speed.

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