The Xabiero Josep Peral is proclaimed runner-up in Spain with the Valencian Children's Basketball Team

They could not obtain the championship, but the competition made by the Valencian Children's Basketball Team is to frame. In the final, which was played on Monday at the 9 in the morning, could not stop the great attack game of the Canaries and fell by 59 to 84.

Xàbia player Josep Peral played almost 27 minutes from the end where provided 8 points, rebounds and 2 1 assistance obtaining a valuation point 1.

The shock from the start was controlled by the island team, which managed to break the Valencia defense and get a clear advantage at the end of the quarter. The first part was from 11 to 32.

The Valencians tried to react in the second quarter, but the partial 14 to 22 made them shorten the differences a bit. Even so, they verified that the victory was very far away. At the break, 25 arrived at 57 with a marker.

On the return track the players of the combined taronja, already without nerves, tried to enjoy the final. The Canaries, far from lowering their pace, continued with their same hegemony on the playing field. At the end of the third time the marker signaled a clear, 35 to 71.

The last ten minutes of the game were purely procedural, where each coach chose to give minutes to all players. The maximum encestador of the end was the canary B Bagayoko, that wrote down 21 points. For the Valencians the top scorer was Pedro Navarro, with 18. He was declared best player of the final B. Bagayoko with 48 rating.

The Valencian team led by Iván García has made a great competition winning all the matches of the initial phase; Galicia (69-19), Basque Country (78-34), Madrid (68-77) and Andalusia (70-57). In the semifinals they beat Catalonia (68-60).

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