The work of the sailors and their gastronomy, the new tourist offer of Xàbia

The fish market of Xàbia has hosted, on Saturday morning, the I Conference of Fishing Tourism. From the first hour of the day and through talks and workshops, attendees have been able to observe and learn about the daily life of the sailors.

Moisés Erades, spokesman of the Fishermen's Association of Xàbia has explained to Xà that with this action they want to diversify the tourist attraction of Xàbia, «Since the Xàbia Poster we have collaborated in other activities that are not sun and beach. Today's activity is for people to get to know, more closely, the marine world and to share a day of fishing and eat on board a fish ranch ».

In this project of Fishing-tourism a total of four vessels participate, three of which are trawlers and one of small-scale fishing, and in the open day held on Saturday, inscriptions to go out to sea with the sailors and share «The fishing world that is quite unknown», reviewed Erades.

The new project: 'Xàbia Marinera'

And it is that, this appointment has been the starting point of the presentation of the activities of fishing tourism designed during 2018 and that will take place shortly in Xàbia: Fishing-tourism activities where the tourist will experience first-hand the work of the fishermen on board a fishing vessel and will know the fishing techniques, the different species captured and will participate even in the selection of the captured species. You can also taste an authentic seafood ranch cooked with the freshest fish freshly caught.

Sailor tourism activity in which the tourist will know the fishing port, its facilities and its history. You can also visit the fish market and witness the fish auction. You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops related to fishing and fishing culture.

As a closing to this meeting has taken place the tasting of typical products sailors. Traditional recipes that are not cooked in restaurants but are of high quality and freshness. Paella with anchovy and cauliflower, Suquet de rape and dogfish y Rice with octopus bag they have been some of the dishes that from the brotherhood of fishermen have elaborated and offered free to the assistants.

Not the plastic

Within this day of Ecotourism has also carried out an activity of awareness about the plastic. From the Brotherhood, his spokesman has indicated that people have to be aware of not throwing plastics into the sea, «Together with the fish collected by the fishermen's nets, many plastics are collected. It is not just about not throwing them into the sea, but not throwing them on the ground because they end up in the sea ».

Together with this campaign, biodegradable plastics and wooden cutlery have been used in the tasting. Moisés Erades has stressed that the sailors "They are the first who do not want to find things other than fish in the sea."

The 'XÀBIA MARINERA', which is the title of the day, was driven by the fishermen's association of Xàbia, the Valenciaport Foundation (through the European project #TOURISMED) and the fishing tourism company Trip & Feel.

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    A great idea, you learn the great work that fishermen do and they teach to respect the sea and not to throw plastics


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