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'El temps de la renda' (8), by Juan Bta. Codina Bas

November 21 from 2020 - 00: 33

Luckily my parents did not give them to build a chalet and today we have and live in the summers "Risau" which is another way of living, And «vetlar per la nit» handing out a meló d'Argel!
(Maria Josefa Salvá)

I wanted to begin this text with what I think is one of the greatest compliments to the riurau written on October 11 by María Josefa Salvá as a comment on my writings.

In my previous collaboration I concluded the first part and in the second part I am going to draw up a chronography of how the jobs and days were happening in this period whose objective was to collect the harvest and through the benefits obtained in it, to be able to survive the rest of the year.

The temps de la renda It was the time when the harvests of almonds, carob beans, grapes for l'escaldà and grapes to make wine were harvested, olives were prepared to eat or to make oil ... and in addition to all this, preserves and salmorras peppers, tomatoes, marí fenoll, split olives, etc., for the winter and jams for later.

In short, the renda supposes many things and my project in this second part is to present a chronological account of everything that happened in that time that many of us lived and enjoyed and as in the little houses if there was radio, we only learned about the news Officials that Radio Nacional de España broadcast through all the stations (obligatory connection) and we only learned about the things they told us and in any case the radio novels and the songs of Luís Mariano, the Little Nightingale, Juanito Valderrama and some more.

I will not continue to publicize this second part, so now I conclude this immersion in a past time, but it is my intention to publish all this complete work in the first quarter of 2021.

Yes, I would like those readers who wish to transmit their experiences to me and thus I will be able to expand the vision of this time with other contributions. I will cite all of you in the publication I wish to make.

So far I have received comments from 21 people that enrich my personal vision and that I will incorporate into the text to be published.

You can do it through the comments section that appears at the end of this story or personally.

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