The Rotary Club Jávea organizes a solidarity exhibition for the fight against polio

Start date12 de Octubre de 2019
Finish dateNovember 10 2019
PlaceLounges of the Yacht Club of Jávea

The Rotary Club of Jávea organizes a photographic exhibition with solidarity purposes by Fili Navarrete, a photographer based in Jávea, and with the collaboration of the Yacht Club. The exhibition will be inaugurated next Saturday 12 of October, starting at 19.30 hours, in the halls of the Club Nautico de Javea and will be open until November 10.

The benefits obtained from the sale of the photographs will be destined to the worldwide polio eradication program that, for many years, has been launched by the International Rotary Foundation.

The sample, titled Sea birds, is dedicated to the seagulls that come at sunset accompanying the fishing boats on their return to port. The fishermen throw fish remains into the sea and it is when large numbers of seagulls rush to enjoy the daily ritual of the feast. Seagulls sometimes seem to be aware of their prominence by offering us shocking scenes: they dance on the water, fight among themselves for their prey and capture their food in motion.

Navarrete himself stressed that capturing these moments “It has been a work of many weeks of dedication”, moments that captured in the surroundings of the Port of Xàbia during this year. The Rotary Club of Jávea thanks the photographer for his involvement in organizing this exhibition, since both the photos and their assembly are material donated by this professional for the solidarity purpose of the exhibition. As well as to Club Nautico de Javea That has ceded its facilities.

Great work to eradicate polio

The 24 day of October is celebrated on World Day of the fight against polio, a disease that many years ago was a real public health problem until an effective vaccine was achieved that has almost eliminated the disease worldwide. At present, there are foci in only 2 countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, there is a significant risk of recurrence of epidemics in several countries in Africa, with armed conflicts being conducive to the reoccurrence of epidemics. While there is only one case, the risk is evident. This is why active vaccination campaigns are maintained throughout the world - also in the countries considered developed - resulting in a high economic cost that in the third world is supported by donations from organizations such as Rotary International.

The conflict zones with cultural, social and religious differences are hindering the work of the teams in charge of vaccination, especially in these last two countries. Therefore, we must continue to contribute funds to fight against it.


Along these lines, the Rotary Club announced that next October 22, pediatrician Luis Santos, will give a talk to the 8 in the afternoon in the Carrasco salons about the current situation of polio in the world and the difficulties that have caused the rebound of cases in the last two years.

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