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Statement from the PSPV-PSOE of Xàbia: "It is a matter of responsibility and priorities"

25 July 2023 - 18: 39

The socialist municipal group regrets the little management capacity of the new government of Xàbia (PP, Ciudadanos por Jávea and VOX) that in just a month of legislature "already assumes that it is KO and that it will not be able to meet the population or their own expectations".

From the PSOE they remember that when they obtained the mayoralty, the Town hall It dragged a debt of 43 million euros and that «neither in that situation nor in the one that occurred as a result of the annulment of the cadastrazo (in 2012 a sentence that caused Xàbia to suddenly lose 12 million in income, almost a third of the budget) they stopped providing services or programming culture, parties or guaranteeing social aid. It is a matter of responsibility and priorities », he emphasizes.

That is why they are surprised that now, the tripartite Rosa Cardona declares himself incapable of managing day-to-day with accounts that, after the years of PSPV rule, have inherited much more than been reorganized: he has savings of around 50 million euros.

The Socialists insist that the situation that the new government has found is exactly the same as the one they faced until a few months ago. «They have the same money, the same laws and the same technical team as us. The only difference between May – when it was fulfilled and the City Council functioned completely normally – and now – that they assume that they are KO – is the government »they have slipped.

It's more. They have clarified that budget items run out is something that happens normally and that this is precisely the job of the Department of Finance: to find financing formulas with existing funds to cover needs.

The socialist group attributes this chaos to the fact that Rosa Cardona's team knows nothing about management. "Among other things, because the four years they have been in opposition have been dedicated to frivolizing our work and doing bar politics."

«Now, from their positions of responsibility they will realize what kind of opposition they were doing and many other things. Among them, the situation of personnel deficit and bureaucratic complexity in which the Laws that the PP approved when it governed Spain have plunged the City Councils and that, in the case of Xàbia, we have overcome with great effort and work at the political level ».

Finally, from the PSPV they have ironized that the executive demonstrates its weakness by itself and has not been able to endure even the traditional "100 days of courtesy" that they are offering to pick up the pace and try to undertake some of the proposals of their electoral program.

  1. ramon says:

    I do not understand how a town hall that should collect IBI and terrace tax did things so badly the abandonment in which the socialists left Javea is an unfortunate example, Atenas street and the entire Saladar state of total abandonment. I hope that the new city council cares about Calle Atenas and considers turning Saladar into a large park with paths and services after cleaning and cleaning it up. I think there is plenty of money for residential areas and not just for the town. Those of us who have a second residence should also have to be able to vote in the municipal elections

  2. enttäuscht says:

    Meine Email 9.1.23 or 14.2.23 wurden bis heute von der Chulviregierung nicht beantwortet! Es betrifft die Reparatur der miserabelsten Wohnstrasse von ganz Xabia , die in Wirklichkeit ein fürchterlicher Schotterweg ist: die CALLE NICOLAS LANCRET 45, 47, 22, früher Cansalades!
    Photos wurden mitgeschickt mit dem Hinweis
    ' ein persönlicher Eindruck sagt mehr aus als Fotos!'
    Nichts ist passiert!

  3. enttäzscht says:

    Meine Emails 9.1.23 or 14.2.23 wurden bis heute von der ehemaligen Chulviregierung nicht beantwortet!
    Es betrifft die Reparatur der miserabelsten Wohnstrasse von ganz Javea die
    Fotos wurden mitgeschickt, mit dem Hinweis 'ein persönlicher Eindruck sagt mehr aus als Fotos'!
    Nichts is not allowed

  4. enttäuscht says:

    Meine Email 9.1.23 or 14.2.23 wurden bis heute von der Chulviregierung nicht beantwortet! Es betrifft die Reparatur der schlechtesten Wohnstrasse in Javea, die
    PHOTOS wurden mitgeschickt mit dem Hinweis 'ein persönlicher Eindruck sagt mehr aus als Fotos'!
    Nichts ist passiert!

  5. Mary Waltz says:

    The function opens, YOUR FATHER is already there, representing the socialists of Jávea.
    No surprise, they don't know how to do anything else, insult, bawl and hate, a lot of hate for everything that isn't them.
    This is how we will be, as I say, nothing new.

  6. YOUR FATHER says:


  7. YOUR FATHER says:

    Those of VOX and those of the PP are so rotten that when someone does something well, that you are incapable of doing. The only thing you know how to do is vomit rotten shit out of your mouths and now write absurd comments with your fingers stained with rotten shit, it shows that you write after shitting the diarrhea that you are giving you that you can't even form a government now in Spain and less manage a 100% healthy town hall you are scum. You are very sorry neither winning nor being in the government are you happy, you are completely rotten inside and mentally. Destroyed people. You are not going to achieve anything, you will not be able to with the free and democratic people. FASCISTS

    • Save says:

      Very good, your father, you have photographed yourself. Ignorant, rude, no arguments,

    • Luis says:

      Neither fascists nor reds. Enough of living in the past.

    • Citizen says:

      Give up alcohol or drugs, or both.
      This is how you socialists spend them, nothing new.
      More of the same, what an ordeal to put up with such "progressive democratic syrup."
      When you can, in one of your seizures, explain WHO has done something right, we are all curious to know.

    • Observer. JVF says:

      But where did this guy come from? Flute dogs like you don't know how to do anything other than insult and say stupid things. Surely you are one of those who live on the subsidy.

    • xabiero says:

      I think you've forgotten to take your medicine, either that or you've escaped from some madhouse.

  8. Manuel says:

    Mr. Escusitas strikes again?
    For not crying

  9. Rotten says:

    I'm not going to say that what they say are lies… but if everything sounds like a weird weird smell….
    If there are 50 million, they are the fault of Rajoy's laws... if they cannot be used, it is because the 2022 procedures have not been completed, and the 2023 games are sold out... in July!

    Well, and why did they budget shit then for 2023? No... it was not done... the 2022 project was extended... ahhh what strange things... they would not have a majority... noooo if they did, what they did not have were projects that were well awarded and with a budget item... which are the first to stop...

    But why in 12 years of legislature only 3 budgets have been approved... I don't know? ... and that they are those who have experience, and excellence, ...

    Or is it that they were busy fixing the non-opening licenses for the sandbank or looking at urban plans, or looking for foundations for the municipal architect's chalet...

    Anyway… the bad guys make the very bad guys look almost good


  10. xabiero says:

    Let's see PSOE de Xàbia it is a matter of having a bit of shame, something that you have not had in these disastrous twelve years, at no time have you assumed any error and look that the list is always long with excuses, you have left an abandoned and lacking town of a multitude of infrastructures, you are the worst corporation we have had in these last fifty years.

    • SHAMEFUL? they don't know what it is says:

      There they are, collecting a pasture each month, and they continue to touch their eggs, with both hands.

  11. Observer. JVF says:

    What petty people these who claim to be progressives, pretend to live relying on lies and deceit, and they will never admit their ineptitude, they continue to believe they are infallible, when the reality is that they are a loss for the country, they are shameless and their Demonstrations are an insult to intelligence, starting with Chief Sánchez, a great example.

  12. Paco says:

    The Chulvian bar counter comment only deserves a laugh. What an opposition awaits us, the command turned into bravo.

  13. Laura says:

    It is evident that the PESOE is about washing their hands, they boast of leaving many millions of euros but they do not clarify under what conditions: THEY HAVE LEFT IT BLOCKED and therefore it is the same as leaving the coffers empty, because they have not been able to leave the accounts clear and like this, a thousand and one problems are facing the new government that has to fix all the atrocities that they have left behind and shows once again that Cholbi and his team DID NOT WORK AND WHAT THEY DID WAS N BAD for all the years and years they were in charge,

    • Laura says:

      They have always known that, their total incapacity. But being surrounded by sycophants and palemeros thought that they could always keep smiling in the photos, and they still believe it.
      Nothing ever happens here.

    • Martin says:

      Ich stimme ihnen zu 100% zu. Wir sollten Dankbar sein, dass der Chulvinismus endlich ein Ende hat. Dreckige Strände, brennende Deponien, ungenutzte Parkhäuser, Schwimmbäder, die keiner braucht und eine Katastrophe an den Stränden mit einer schlimmsten Verkehrsführungen haben Jàvea fast zerstört etc.