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The PSOE of Xàbia will study together with the Brotherhood how to rehabilitate and open the Casa del Pescador

May 23 from 2023 - 18: 27

The PSOE candidate and Mayor of Xàbia, José Chulvi, promised in a meeting with the Fishermen's Guild that his first intervention in Les Corts in the next political year would be to present a Non-Ley Proposal (PNL) that includes the demands of this professional group, such as the change in the closed dates of the octopus, the use of traditional fishing gear and a better regulation of the training of sailors that guarantees generational relief.

Together with José Chulvi, the Councilor for Tourism, Antonio Miragall, and Finance and Economic Development, Ximo Segarra, in addition to two of the people who joined the socialist candidacy, such as Isabel Moreno and Vicent Miralles.

anchor buoys

The meeting served to share some aspects such as the management of anchoring buoys that sometimes interfere with some forms of professional fishing.

In this sense, the Javea Town Hall It has already worked with the sector to agree which ones are removed outside of the summer season, but an agreement was reached to remove more units where indicated by the fishermen so that they can carry out their activity before the summer.


Precisely, the harmonization between tourist and fishing uses focused part of the conversation. José Chulvi was in favor of intensifying awareness campaigns with the nautical sector to avoid abusive behavior as well as requesting for Xàbia the transfer of sanctioning powers so that the Local Police can intervene.


Also in cases of poaching, one of the scourges that threaten the sector. In this sense, Chulvi recalled that the City Council launched a campaign during the previous legislature that also included the hoteliers of the municipality, since the destination of part of the irregular captures are the kitchens of the restaurants.

Fisherman's House

Another of the points discussed was the management and state of the Casa del Pescador. This property has significant deficiencies and both parties agreed to study how to undertake the works so that it can be opened to the public either under the management of the Brotherhood or under the formula of public management.

  1. neighbor, no fool says:

    And now he says, the illustrious deputy, that he will defend in les Corts. A little shame never hurts.
    Does anyone know something about Xàbia that they have defended there?

    If his PSOE had not governed, what would our Mayor have said about the Arenal, or the Pope, the Dénia Hospital... or what he would have said if Moragues was the one who presented himself after 12 years as mayor.
    What would you have said? Pick up, man. You don't always report the same song of successes and promises.

  2. Lorenzo says:

    Hours before the elections it occurs to him to go and tell a story to the fishermen.


  3. Italian says:

    BY MOUTH AJENA WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A BAD FAME. For that you have to have a very cool head and nothing affects you.
    Mr Chulvi 💪🏻

  4. duaner says:

    Why haven't you studied it until now?
    It's enough to take us for fools.