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The PSOE of Xàbia criticizes that the tripartite raises four million euros in taxes

November 08 from 2023 - 13: 48

In the past municipal plenary session, The PSOE of Xàbia has already criticized that the tripartite formed by PP-VOX and CpJ (Citizens for Jávea) the possible increase in municipal rates at around 4 million euros. This is the result of recovering the garbage rate that the government eliminated José Chulvi the last legislature.

The socialists criticize that "now, with more than 40 million in the bank and a favorable economic situation, the local government will tax each home with 125 euros and each business with an average of 485, although in the case of hospitality, for example, This figure can greatly exceed 1.000 euros.

For Ximo Segarra, «the measure is not justified in any way. Why do we want to take 4 million euros out of the pockets of all the residents and businesses of Xàbia, when we have more than 40 in the bank and the banks are also going to pay us 2 million for our deposits?

On the other hand, the socialist councilor points out that the tax reduction measures that are maintained are those that affect fewer people. "The school fee, for example, will affect only 36 families of the 28.000 inhabitants of Xàbia," says Segarra.

In this way, the socialist councilor states that "the difference is clear between governing for everyone as the PSOE did and dedicating oneself to makeup and saving face as the tripartite does, which puts its hand in the pockets of all the neighbors in a situation of rising fuel prices, mortgages and the basket of goods

  1. Miquel says:

    This councilor always comes out in each plenary session with the 40 million that the City Council has, it is seen that in 12 years the only thing they have done is that, why they never talk about the concerts that are held in the auditorium or the children who have fun well in the Reina Sofía park etc etc..
    When the PP was in the opposition in the middle of the pandemic, it told Chulvi to remove the garbage when people were having a hard time and he said that it was not possible and now a year before the elections he removes everything for pure electoral propaganda and the psoe was also governing I would have raised it anyway, after the elections all the cats are brown.

  2. Don't laugh and go ahead says:

    The tripartite has no shame, 40 kilos in the bank and they dare to raise our taxes. The promises of governing for the people, transparency, etc... all lies. Mrs. Cardona; We don't deserve this.

  3. taxpayer says:

    Do you, Mr. Segarra, think that this IBI or the garbage rate greatly affects the thousands of owners of chalets and second-home apartments, or the powerful hospitality businesses, or the citizens' salaries that reach 90.000 euros?
    You, or rather your party and your boss, don't you think that those millions raised can be distributed to improve social services, for example, that benefit those most in need?
    Why didn't you annul it before, long before the elections?
    Why didn't you spend so much million in the bank fairly and appropriately?
    Are you not capable of even the slightest self-criticism?

    • barts people says:

      The arguments you use seem correct to me, it is true that forgiving the garbage rate for a 4 million villa is unfair, but I think it is worth committing that sin, if we can benefit many families, which in this context of inflation cannot They arrive at the end of the month. That there are citizens' salaries that reach €90.000? Of course there is, but that's not what it's about. The INE tells us that Javea's per capita income is one of the lowest.