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The PSOE of Xàbia criticizes the lack of commitment of the new government team

01 September 2023 - 12: 03

In the plenary session held last Thursday night at the Javea Town Hall, the Socialist Party asked the mayor about the efforts she undertook last July to clarify the origin of the spills that have forced the city to close three times this summer. Arenal Beach and to keep the rest of the corporation and tourism entrepreneurs informed about this important topic.

José Chulvi, as spokesperson for the PSOE of Xàbia, criticized that in July, Rosa Cardona He assured that "he would call an urgent Tourism Council: a month later he has not done so. That the results of the analyzes carried out by the contracted company were going to be public and since August 4 not a single one has been posted on the municipal website. In addition, he stated that he would convene the meeting of spokespersons to keep us up to date with any developments and zero news this month.

Likewise, the socialist spokesman added that "it was said that a specialized company would be urgently hired to scan the Arenal rainwater and sanitation network and in a month no contract has been signed in this regard."

Given these questions, The mayor explained the origin of the spills "and he gave us the reason, although a year later, that it was not from the emissary." The problem is in the stormwater network that drains into the Fontana Canal.

The Socialists criticize that this explanation was made only because they asked, “but no documents have been shown to us, nor any technical report that accompanies it and without even telling us who is doing that investigation. Where are the reports? Why hasn't the Board of Spokesmen been convened to show them if there are any? Can anyone believe the mayoress like that?

From the PSOE they affirm that the response to the Arenal “is just an example of the disorganization of the government team and the lack of seriousness with which they take the plenary sessions. "You cannot give half explanations, without technical rigor and failing to fulfill all the commitments made in the previous plenary session on Arenal."

From the PSOE of Xàbia they provide all their support to the government to solve this public health problem, "at no time have we made any statement that damages the image of our beach or our City Council."

  1. barts people says:

    It seems that to some commentators DEMOCRACY is too big for them, and it bothers them that the opposition does its job. They would like a government without electricity or stenographers like in Paco's time.

    • The missing palm tree says:

      Hahahahaha of course man
      We'd better applaud Chulvi, right?
      Hahahahaha, bravo, BRAVO CHULVI, VERY WELL SAID EVERYTHING !!!
      Hahahahahaha, of course!

      • barts people says:

        Well, we're all here, the dog has arrived, which with different collars barks all the time at Chulvi.

        • Weight of the people of Burns says:

          Excuse me, but anit-Chulvi —and rightly so— there are many. Defender of Chulvi, only you, no matter how much you call yourself "people".

          You are stupid (or familiar with Chulvi, which is the same thing) and you know it.

        • fuencisla says:

          But who has told you that we cannot criticize Chulvi, a public figure who lives on OUR MONEY, who?
          It would be nice!
          12 years of fucking Jávea, and now you come to tell us that nothing can be said about your BELOVED LEADER? Come now !!!!!
          Palmero de Chulvi you will be, let others not be.
          That you are the worst.

  2. Citizen of Javea. says:

    Well José Chulvi, what a show of sore losers. It will be that now the members of the new government are the causes and responsible for what happened in Arenal.
    What a bad style!!!
    Enough already.

  3. Impressive says:

    Chulvi has shown zero shame for years, a photo here, a photo there, with a town full of dirt, bad asphalt, shit on the beaches, exploding landfills, unexecuted works (ONE AFTER ANOTHER) and with the smoke that was months intoxicating

    And now he has the holy CO…NES of criticizing someone who is landing and taking action.

    What little shame, what an absurd and grotesque level of immorality.

    • Neighbor says:

      He does the same as his Beloved Leader, Sanchiflas, the worst of the worst, it exists, they show it day by day, second by second.
      They will pay you the same for doing nothing, you're welcome. I hope he takes advantage of that option, the nonsense of seeing him now complain about something is embarrassing, a ridiculous supine, shocking.
      Whoever does not know anything, does not realize the size of the audacity. Deep down we cannot ask for pears from the elm tree.
      12 years enduring the socialist nonsense and now again, like the Duracell bunny... AND IT CONTINUES, AND CONTINUES, AND CONTINUES...

  4. Samuel Varo says:

    You need to be very embarrassed to open your mouth, amazing.
    The most unpleasant thing in Jávea are its mediocre people who draw our blood with these shits.
    It takes courage, or no brain at all, to say something, do they? Please!!!!
    This is to avoid dropping.
    You have left Jávea on the brink of an abyss of total chaos, gang of wretches.