The PP responds to the allusions on the case 'The Siesta': "It is unacceptable and a lack of respect that is attributed political purposes to perform the job as mayor"

The Popular Party of Xàbia and in allusions to the councilman Juan Luís Cardona, has issued a statement giving an explanation of what happened after the statements made by the manager of La Siesta.

First, remember that in the plenary session last February, In a mayoral decree reference was made to the file on the urban infraction of the local La Siesta. At this point, Councilman Juan Luís Cardona asked about how the situation of this fact was, to which the government team replied that works had been carried out without a license.

Subsequently, this past Thursday, the manager of La Siesta communicated to the media that no works had been carried out, or a septic tank built as it had been published, "But the repair of a leak from the pit that the business has" and attributed to the mayor Cardona de "To take to the press articles to make own publicity of face to the electoral period".

Given these allusions, the PP and councilman Juan Luis have explained that the mayor "He only responded to the functions of a councilor of Javea Town Hall that is to supervise, ask, investigate and be informed by the Decrees of the Mayor's Office that the mayor gives in each plenary session. "

"JuanLu asked about this urban infraction after reviewing the file, in the same way he does and is interested in other decrees of the mayor's office and other records", report from the PP and add that "Of this one wants to interpret that there are political ends or electoral benefit in this respect, it is something totally unacceptable and it is a lack of respect".

The statement of the PP points out that both the council, as the employer and the municipal government are aware of what is the irregular situation of the local, "The councilor, Juan Luis Cardona, is not the one who has initiated any infringement file to this site and if the employer has something to solve, then he must go to the corresponding department and regularize their situation, as well as the local administration and the coast they must enforce the law and get where it is appropriate, but it is not correct that the actions of an employer and the carelessness of the administration want to pass on their problem to a councilor or political party, or want to interpret that this issue is take advantage for political interests. "

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