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The PP says "to be blocked" by the mayor before his proposals to improve

January 29 from 2020 - 10: 57

The Popular Party of Xàbia has issued a statement on the rejection obtained by the mayor to debate a motion presented in the plenary by the storm suffered in the town.

The Popular have indicated feeling "blocked" by the first mayor before any contribution they present, "We do not leave our astonishment with the words of the mayor, saying that the requests of the motion are incongruous, urging us to wait a month, that everything is still very hot, that we let time pass, and if then, he has not done, then that we propose it or that we reprove it, but that now it does not accept our proposal and motion ", indicate from the rows of the PP.

Given this refusal, the PP states that "The absolute socialist majority is a problem for Xàbia that does not add up, nor that positive measures are provided for the municipality, blocking the contribution of the popular group, which all it intends is to defend the interests of Xàbia. Do not accept the proposals of the popular, which are the demands of many of the neighbors, confirms that all that adds up, it was not true ".

Reasons for the motions

From the PP they indicate that the devastating consequences of the stormy Gloria in all the xabiero coast and in how it will affect the tourist sector are the reasons why they propose that measures be taken in this regard, starting by analyzing, studying and planning what infrastructure they are needed to reinforce our coastline, in order to minimize the damages of temporary futures.

The motion urged that resolutions or measures be adopted so that the affected neighbors are compensated and that the same does not happen to the residents of Vega Baja, who are still waiting for the help of the

And on the other hand, requested the preparation of technical reports to know what are the preventive measures that our coast needs, to know what public actions must be undertaken to minimize the damages caused by storms and floods and create a commission to monitor the measures and Infrastructures to carry out.

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