The PP of Xàbia assures "that Chulvi combines two political positions is not positive for Xàbia"

Given the recent appointment of José Chulvi, Mayor of Xàbia, as number two to the list of the PSPV by les Corts Valencianes, the Popular Party of Xàbia has assured, through a statement, that «it is not a surprise nor is it positive for Xàbia as he has indicated ».

From the Popular Party they indicate that to reconcile the two positions, the one of mayor and the deputy spokesman, in addition to provincial general secretary of the PSPV «He has already shown that he can not be at 100% for Xàbia. In these four years he has not managed the basic needs of the municipality such as cleaning, lighting and sewage, nor has finished a project. "

The popular Xàbia have indicated that "Chulvi can not expect us to believe him again for the second time. We have finished the legislature just like we started it. Chulvi has not been able to manage our municipality, and therefore has a pending debt with Xàbia, as he said in the press. It has been shown that half measures have not worked, so we are or we are not with Xàbia, but half again not "criticized the popular candidate for mayor, Rosa Cardona.

Cardona added that «Today Xàbia is already abandoned, and about how it will be if the mayor leaves the regional deputy we should not even check it».

«His presence has not brought realities to Xàbia»

The popular candidate has indicated that this legislature has been of unfulfilled promises, "Of political strategies in view of the electoral campaign, a comprehensive marketing plan based on continuous publicity of what it promised to do and posture, and after four years we have deprived all of our neighbors of having and enjoying services like Xàbia deserves ".

The popular statement makes reference to the aids received by the Generalitat in this last legislature assuring that Puig and the Generalitat «Only gave us a help of 7.979 euros for signaling» and he adds that "We have not seen what he promised us for Xàbia in the Pla Edificant of the schools, nor the roundabouts of the Carretera de Gata, nor in the pool, nor has he provided any help for the audience, etc."

From the PP they ask Chulvi to «As mayor is due to Xàbia at 100%».

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