The PP of Xàbia bets to reduce taxes and facilitate measures to boost the local economy

Lower the tax of the IBI (Tax on property and real estate), eliminate the rate of opening of business premises and reduce the rates of construction for housing reform they are some of the proposals that contemplates the electoral program of the Popular Party. Some measures that «Bet to boost the local economy and return the tax effort that the citizens of Xàbia have made during the last years», point out the popular ones.

From the Popular Party they criticize the socialist government of «To present as a virtue the lack of management when boasting of the reduction of the municipal debt, when the only reason for the reduction has been not having executed the budgets and not undertaking the budgeted works and projects, that is, not having carried out a management of cost containment ».

The PP points out that when the accumulated amounts have a positive treasury surplus because they are not spent on sustainable investments, the law obliges them to be used for repayment of loans, «Hence, the reduction of the 43 million euros. The positive remnant could have been invested in other needs such as sewage, street lighting, maintenance of green areas, etc. ».

Proposals to boost the local economy

The Popular Party of Xàbia stresses that once the debt has been amortized "there has not been any suggestion from the local government to reduce municipal taxes, therefore, from the PP we provide measures such as eliminating the rate of opening of business premises, so that Any person who bets to invest in Xàbia, with a new local commerce, has an exemption from a rate that increases the costs of undertaking a business project.

Also, the People indicate that they are aware of the limitations that the new housing construction will have, so they are committed to reducing construction rates for housing reform, betting on the small local builder.

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