The popular, Pepe Císcar, questions the reversal of the Hospital in the act of the PP of Xàbia

The provincial president of the PP and candidate number 1 to the Cortes Valencianas for Alicante, Pepe Císcar, was present yesterday in Xàbia showing his support for the popular candidate for mayor of the town, Rosa Cardona, in the participative talk to know the concerns and proposals of the neighbors to improve Xàbia. The president of the PP of Alicante pointed out that «Rosa is the best bet of the PP for the mayor of Xàbia».

Císcar explained his point of view to the dedication of a mayor to his municipality, "Jávea deserves that its mayor dedicates 24h to the day, the seven days of the week. It needs all the time to think about the municipality and not about other responsibilities ».

The popular leader made reference to the question of municipal budgets in which Xàbia has only approved one in all the legislature, "Governing in absolute majority as is the case of Xàbia, the City must have, a year away, the planning of actions to be carried out in order to have planned budgets and not be extended."

Reversal of the Hospital

Regarding issues that affect Xàbia and the Marina Alta, Císcar spoke about Health and specifically about the reversal of Dénia Hospital. "The four years of socialist government in the Generalitat has meant a delay in different issues. At present, 66.800 people are on the waiting list to be treated in any of the hospitals of the Region, not only in the Hospital de Dénia, when it is reflected that the figure in this hospital center has decreased », reported the popular.

On «Hurry» for reversing the management of the Hospital de Dénia, Pepe Císcar pointed out that they are unnecessary, "In less than five years the concession ends and it can be reversed without cost as it happened in Alzira. The fact of spending 120 million on the rescue is illogical because with that money many schools can be created, since the number of students in barracks has increased in the last four years ».

In addition, the popular president of the PP of Alicante indicated that if there has been a breach of contract by the company that manages the Hospital de Dénia, "The law allows in these cases to terminate the contract without paying any compensation."


The question of taxes was another of the premises highlighted by Pepe Císcar in his speech. "The Popular Party is working on new measures to start if they win the next 28 in April. Lower the inheritance tax. We do not want everyone to contribute the 10% as it is currently stipulated, but depending on the value there is a hundred percent as it has already been implemented in other communities »said Císcar.

The popular proposal is up to 200.000 euros to pay an 6%, from 200 to 1 million, the 8%, «And if it exceeds one million, which already shows that it has solvency, that it is the 10%», remarked Pepe.

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