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The power and activity of the 'Powerful Mothers' of Xàbia

November 17 from 2023 - 10: 22

A few months ago the group was announced 'Powerful Mothers'. A group of women from Xàbia who came together with the sole purpose of supporting each other and sharing experiences and/or moments during the hard process of motherhood. The initiative was optimal and the group, which has the support of the Department of Equality, continues to grow and does not stop with the objective of offering beneficial activities for mothers.

During these months, Powerful Mothers The family has increased and more women have joined this group that has organized: Donathlon, meetings with the equality councilor, Fatima Jarjor, and a talk with a Couch Ana Acosta (@mamaminimalista) providing information and advice on parenting and motherhood. The group has also discussed the issue of personal care by a mother from the Association.

The project continues from strength to strength. It is full of love and dedication, which is why its president and founder of Powerful Mothers, Glendys Cordero, calls on citizens so that any woman, mother who wants to be part of the Association in which there is no distinction of race, belief, political ideology, etc., can be part of the group and benefit from the scheduled activities, and of course, the help and support of the rest of the members of the group.

Powerful Mothers continues to organize various activities to help and support the mothers of Xàbia. Interested persons can contact Powerful Mothers through email madrepoderosas2023@gmail.com

  1. Wilson Pacheco says:

    From Xabia for life

  2. Maya says:

    What a good network. For more people who think of others. May everything go well in the project.