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Lead Piece Description

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  1. Roland mor says:

    This script have personal names: Some one's whith phocean greek influence: Bilos / Pilos, Nios, Argi / Argos. Others have simils with the old languages ​​Uskaras (current Euskera) Numerals Ban, Bin, Laur, Bors, Sei, Sorse, Abar.The personal name's are: Sakar Argi, (Sadu Gelur), Nios Ildir, Nios Iltun, Tortin, Bilos Milun , Bilos N'Mildir, «Normaly we have Ilun and Ildir or Iltir depends the script, But in this two name's they put and M before.Milun, Mildir. The iberian name's are two names: URKE Berse, Kontar or Gontar, (Guntarno in Ascoli), Urge Dager, Biur Bolor, and maybe: TururTar Arker, Leige Nikans + ar or Nikansar. And maybe personal compost name: Leigeu Bora Reukun. (signarioiber.wordpress.com)