Pego takes the derby against Jávea (0-1)

On Sunday afternoon, the regional derby was played between the CD Jávea and Pego CF that ended up with a winning victory with a great goal from Rico. The game, at the Camp d'Esports Municipal de Xàbia, began with alternate dominance without creating clear chances and with the goalkeepers of mere spectators.

The first local occasion came at 20 minutes in a rehearsed foul. The ball hits the second post headed by Cristian and the ball goes through the goal line. The visiting replica in a center of Giménez that Kevin does not reach and the last time of this first part was in a counter carried by Renzo who yielded to Aldo and his strong shot went over the crossbar, did not give for more this first part .

In the second 90 minutes, things changed, it was the locals who squeezed from the start and on the first play, a good center of Ayoze topped off Guerrero head and Fede diverted to corner. In the 69 minute, Pego stayed with one player less for Ferrán's expulsion. The visiting center made a very hard tackle behind Guerrero and the referee sent him to the locker room.

The Pegolinos knew how to play with one player less and on the first occasion they had hosted the ball to the net. A lack of understanding of the local defense is used by Rico to beat Edu hard.

From the visiting goal, the domain and the chances were from Jávea. The first double, Paolo finished off from within the area and Fede diverted in the first instance. Paolo's subsequent shot crashed into the crossbar. The locals opened the field by the bands and Ayoze and Alvarito on the right and Paco and César on the left; again and again they jeopardized the visiting goal. Ayoze, twice, had clear chances to tie the game, but the visiting goalkeeper was impassable. With the premises overturned, Pego could sentence, but Edu, in two times, took the ball, there was no time for more and the visitors took the three points of the municipality of Xàbia with the joy of the swollen pegolina that in a a good number witnessed the game and the disappointment of the local fan who was waiting for a victory.


CD Jávea. Edu, Paolo, Ayoze, Cristian, Aldo (César 75 ′), Ferrán Molina, Alvarito, Ramis (Pau 45 ′), Renzo (Paco 65 ′), Álvaro and Guerrero.

Pego CF. Fede, Giménez, Ferrán Pastor, Fran, Alberto, Kevin (Carles 40 ′) Alex, Juan, Rico (Per
81 ′), Arnau (Morató 74 ′) and Francesc (Chamorro 89 ′).

Gol. 0-1. 77 minute. Rich.

Referee. Rafael Toledo, Enrique López and Jorge Tárraga. Ramis, Aldo was reprimanded by the locals,
Cristian and Ferrán. By visitors Alex, Giménez, Fran and Fede. He was sent off with a red Ferrán Pastor card in the 69 minute.

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