The Popular Party denounces the lack of information and transparency in the elaboration of the Structural Plan of Xàbia

The Popular Party of Xàbia has denounced the lack of information and transparency in the elaboration of the Xàbia Structural Plan. The candidate for mayor, Rosa Cardona, said that the town councilor informed Councilor Oscar Antón that the extraordinary and urgent commission for urban planning was held the next day, announcing that what was going to be discussed was the approval of the public exhibition of the structural plan.

Cardona considers that the general plan «It is the most important document of Xàbia and can not be summoned urgently in less than 24 hours without having the councilors any documentation». At the same time, it denounces that the planning commission was held without meeting the requirements of form and time and without providing the councilors with the file, documentation and reports necessary to prepare said commission.

The PP candidate argues that there has been enough time to convene an ordinary session, while asking "Where is the participation and transparency that our mayor presumes, is a lack of respect for councilors". In this commission they have opposed the extraordinary and urgent convocation for two reasons: first because the reason for the urgency is not justified and secondly because 491 days have passed so that they inform of the delegations and it is irresponsible to vote a document of which no nothing is known.

Cardona added that since 2015 has not met the municipal commission to develop the General Plan, only the mayor has met with the neighborhood, and instead with the councilors «That represent an important part of the municipality or a single meeting». Cardona has denounced that «Chulvi, with its majority, does not need the opposition, a mayor governs for all and does not take us into account». The Popular Party is considering studying a possible challenge to the extraordinary and urgent convocation.

Meanwhile Óscar Antón He explained that they wanted a debate with a series of demands for improvement for Xàbia. The PP proposed a series of improvements in infrastructure, equipment and equipment, but no provision and educational equipment is included in the 1990 plan. In addition there will be no spaces for schools, language schools, and only the plan of sports equipment is limited to a minimum floor bag.

Antón pointed out that after what most would say, he was convinced that his proposals would have been more successful than theirs. Antón has advanced that they will analyze if the call of the plenary session has been done correctly, they will see if it has been violated and studying it thoroughly they will demand it judicially and in a precautionary way the suspension of the procedure. The popular have ended their speech lamenting that this way of acting "is a mockery and a lack of respect, and the government team plans the works to coincide with the elections."

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