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The unemployment in the region of La Marina Alta descends 4 points in the last three years

28 March 2019 - 00: 24

According to the data published by the Marina Alta Observatory, the unemployment rate has decreased in the last three years. Considering the sector of the labor market at a regional level, it is observed, with respect to the 2018 quarter, that the decrease is 2 percentage points for the Marina Alta with respect to the same quarter in the 2017 and 4 points with respect to 2016.

At the level of the Valencian Community, there is a decrease in the unemployment rate that follows a downward linear trend, while in the Marina Alta this decrease is cyclical, with sharp decreases and increases in this rate. This shows a clear indicator of the temporality of the labor market in the region.

This tendency is eminently caused by the labor dynamics of the municipalities of the coastal area where the greatest economic volume is recorded due to the flow of tourists and visitors during their vacations, with the consequent increase in employability.


If the unemployment rate is based on demographic variables, there is inequality in job opportunities according to gender, as the rate of unemployment of women rises to 18,46% while in men it remains at 13,07%. Regarding the unemployment rate by age groups, the groups of older and younger age are the most vulnerable in the search for hiring, since we found unemployment rates around 18% for both groups (under 24 and above) of 44 years) and an 13,6% in the intermediate age group (25 to 44 years).

By sector of activity, the high weight that the service sector has in the region is recognized, since the 80% of the job seekers are from this sector, a clear indicator of the high temporality associated with the sector. It is followed very far by the construction sector, an 16,5% are discharged as claimants of the sector.

At the municipal level there is a decrease in the annual unemployment rate compared to the previous year. In this 2018 there has been an increase in employment with the exception of the municipalities: La Vall d'Ebo, La Vall de Laguar, Poble Nou de Benitatxell and Benimeli where the unemployment rate has increased - minimally - compared to the previous year.

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