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The world of bees and beekeeping enters the classrooms of CEIP Port de Xàbia

May 19 from 2023 - 12: 50

How long does a bee live? What do they do to create honey? How many eggs does the queen bee lay? These have been some of the questions that the students of the CEIP Port of Xàbia with the workshop carried out by the Montgó Beekeepers Association of the Marina Alta on the occasion of World Bee Day that is commemorated tomorrow, Saturday, May 20.

The students have learned, up close, the world of bees, the activity of beekeeping and the importance of the work of these insects for the Earth.

Paco Grimalt, José Fornés and Eduardo Fernández, representatives of the Montgó Beekeepers Association, have shown the schoolchildren each of the utensils used in beekeeping and have explained all the phases the bee goes through and the work it does until it honey is produced; from the little live bee to the hive.

The beekeepers have responded to all the doubts of the students and have outlined that bees should not be feared "they are not bad. They do not sting but feel attacked. We must take care of them. They live only a month and a half and they come to work and benefit nature."

Likewise, the students of the CEIP Port de Xàbia, in line with the center of learning and enriching knowledge through educational alliances with the groups, have been able to see first-hand what a honeycomb is like, a beehive, what the job of beekeeping: traditional, organic and sustainable and have been able to taste what is the final product of the pollinating work of bees: honey.

The Montgó Beekeepers Association

It is a non-profit association that came to light in March 2016 when a group of friends from the Marina Alta region, lovers of beekeeping, decided to unite with the main purpose of protecting the bee and its environment.

They are sensitive people with nature and, above all, with bees. In love with culture and our territory, committed to preserving the sociocultural and environmental heritage for future generations. An association born to promote beekeeping in our region based on the recovery of our identity and environment.

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